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Product Overview


Product Description

Gorgonzola Mauri.
Only for connoisseurs.
It is one of the great classic Italian cheeses and it is well known and replicated all over the world. Gorgonzola is the king of the table and the kitchen. Mauri produces it with pasteurized milk from a single milking, with the addition of enzymes and moulds selected for marbling. It is then aged inside natural caves for about 60 days at 4-6 °C.

Production process

From fresh milk to the beauty of cheese.
Today we have an incredibly modern manufacturing plant in Treviglio, which is equipped with the best technologies to guarantee constant quality and control in every single stage of the production.
Nevertheless, the milk must be delicious otherwise everything else is useless. At Mauri we only use rich, tasty and creamy fresh Italian milk. We produce our fresh cheeses in Treviglio and then we let them ripen in Pasturo, where the mountain air is fresh and pure.
In the silence of the mountain.
After our cheeses are produced, some of them also need a good ripening. In Pasturo we let our cheeses rest for months in the rock caves of the Grigna. In the darkness and silence of the mountain. We disturb their rest only when the cheesemaker has to turn the wheels or to check (strictly by hand) the uniformity of the aging process, piece by piece, with an expert eye.

Only Mauri,all over the world.
Thousands of litres of fresh milk arrive every morning at Mauri’s factory in Treviglio (Bergamo) to be immediately processed.
Technological innovation guarantees a strong quality control from fresh milk until the last processing of fresh cheese. The knowledge of our cheesemakers intervenes at every stage of the process to keep the taste that each cheese must have according to tradition. Taleggio, Gorgonzola, Quartirolo, Caprino, Robiola and other goat cheeses are all produced in Treviglio. Later on, in Pasturo, some of these cheeses are then wrapped and packaged for distribution, while others (such as Taleggio and Gorgonzola) are
brought to the caves to mature naturally with the help of the wind of the Grigna, as it was done 100 years ago.
Only Mauri can do it. Only Mauri, all over the world.
There is no one else like you…

One of the features that make Mauri a unique company of its kind is the aging process in the caves. In Pasturo’s plant, which is surrounded by the greenery of Valsassina, our Taleggio and Gorgonzola are aged in the natural caves at the bottom of the Grigna. The characteristics of this environment are not easy to replicate and they make Mauri’s products inimitable, allowing them to meet the needs of international costumers. Thanks to our fresh Italian milk and to a historical recipe, along with the natural ripening process under the supervision of expert technicians, the taste of our aged cheeses is unique and unmistakable. Like no other.


Company Profile

Mauri. A family company since 1920.
Mauri was born in 1920. Throughout the years it has grown considerably and it has now two
production sites: one in Pasturo (the original headquarters in Valsassina) and one in Treviglio (Bergamo), a state-of-the-art
plant with the best technologies. However, at Mauri we have never forgotten the history and tradition of our ancient family of cheesemakers. In our large area under the Grigna, we have kept in perfect conditions the old alpine hut where Taleggio was made at the beginning of the 20th century and we still use the caves every day (and every night) for the best maturation of our cheese.
Just like we did 100 years ago.

Why Choose Us

In Mauri it all starts here:Fresh Italian Milk. Only fresh. Only Italian.
We have produced traditional cheeses from Valsassina since 1920. We care about making them properly because they bear the name of our family, Mauri. Mountain people like us are very strict in respecting certain things. For us, the typical cheeses from our valleys can only be produced from fresh cow or goat milk that comes from local animals because it tastes so much better! Thanks to the skills and the wisdom of cheesemakers over five generations combined with the most up-to-date production techniques, we make sure that our products are not only of great quality and original but also safe and well controlled..


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