USA Brand Peak Instruments In Stock UV-vis Single Beam 190-1100nm Spectrophotometer for Elements Analysis

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Product Overview


Products Description

Product Name
Double beam 190-1100nm UV Visible 2nm touch screen Spectrophotometer
Photometry, quantitative measurement, kinetics, multiwavelength test, wavelength scanning, DNA/Protein test on standalone device
PC Software
Size & Weight
61*46*24CM, 23KG
Wavelength Range
7 inch LCD touch screen
Optical System
Double beam, Holographic Grating (1200 Lines/mm)
Spectral Bandwidth
Wavelength Accuracy
Wavelength Repeatability
Stray Light
≤0.05%T@220, 360nm
Baseline Flatness
Solid Silicon Photodiode
USB(A) for date transfer, USB(B) for PC software, RS232 for optional printer
Light Source
Deuterium/Tungsten Lamp

1. Photometry Measurements
2. Quantitative Test

3. Kinetics Measurement(time scanning)
4. Wavelength Scanning

5. Multiwavelength Test
6. DNA/Protein Measurement

Our Advantages

1. Our products have good quality and very positive reputations in the market. 
2. Customers are very happy with them and have many good comments about our intruments and service.
Delivery Time
1. We can get them ready 3-5 days after order confirmation for small orders. 
2. For big quantities, need to be confirmed.
3. In most cases, fast delivery is guaranteed.
Technical Support
1. We have service manual. If not, detailed documents or videos will be provided.
2. We can provide online or site training in our factory.
3. We can have video conference at any time.
Aftersales Service
1. Respond to your questions within 10 minutes during our working time from 6:30 to 24:00, at most within 8 hours after 24:00
considering the time difference.2. Within warranty, we will solve the problem for you with no charge(except for consumables).
3. You can call, text or email us at any time. We have good English speakers.
One year and extendable
Our product advantages are as follws:

1. 7 inch color LCD screen(button models) can show more parameters
2. Silicone buttons with much longer life span and easier to be operated
3. 7 inch capacitive touch screen and user friendly interface

4. Standard USB ports for data transfer and PC software connection.
5. More functions for basic models
6. Stable system with microcomputer processing

7. Automatic 8 position 1 cm cell holder(optional)
8. Long path cell holder can holde 1-10cm cuvettes(optional for single beam)
9. Tube rack for tubes with 16mm diameters(optional for all models)

10. Film holder(optional for all models)
11. Automatic sampler/sipper system(optional)
12. PC software, thermal printer, etc.

Why Choose Us

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CE Certificate
CE Certificate Annex

Manufacturing Technique

1.Install main board
2.Connect the cables for main board
3.Install W1 lamp and D2 lamp
4.Assemble sample chamber and cell holder

5.Install power board
6.Assemble monochromator

7.Upload software
8.Adjust and test W1 lamp and D2 lamp
9.System test
10.Housing installation and final calibration

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Q: What areas and applications can it be used?
A: It can be used for qualitative or quantitative meansurements for water solution in the following areas: metallurgy, pharmacy, food, health, institutes, biological chemistry, life science, petrochemical industry, mining, quality control, environmental protection, etc.
Q: Does it need any installation
A: The installation is very simple, just need to connect it to power supply and turn it on, then you can use it.
Q: What standard accessories are included?
A: Main unit, 1cm cell holder(4 positions for single beam and 2 positions for double beam), 4 pcs of 1cm glass cuvette(all models) and 2 pcs of 1cm quartz cuvette(UV models), one USB with user manual and power cable.
Q: Is PC software included?
A: The PC software(CFR 21 or regular one) is optional. Also the thermal printer is available on requested.
Q: Why the reading is red and reach its maximum value 3.00Abs?
A: Probably you use the glass cuvette in UV range.
Q: Why the wavelength calibration or self checking fail?
A: The deuterium lamp is turned off or there is something wrong with the D2 lamp, like the fuse, triode or the lamp itself.
Q: Why is the reading is not as accurate as before?
A: Do the wavelength calibration before testing or restore the device to its default factory settings.
Q: Why PC software can not be installed successfully?
A: Close your anti-virus software on the computer and do it again.
Q: Why the software can not be connected successfully?
A: Please return to its initial interface and don't enter any menu when connecting to PC software. And the device can not be operated once connected to software. Secondly, unload the previous/old version PC software if there is.
Q: Can the data transferred to USB or PC?
A: Yes, you can transfer the saved data on the device to a USB then copy it to PC, or you can save the data directly on the PC via software.
Q: Why the Abs value is negative(lower than zero).
A: Do the blanking or change the reference sample.

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