Сертифицированный Органический только 40 г агромела (яблоки и цитрусовые Экстра джема) для здорового завтрака (1700010564226)

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40 g AGRUMELA (apples and citrus extra jam) EXTRA JAM FOR HEALTHY BREAKFAST


All of our products are certified organic, since the day we were born.

Manufacturing Technique

About Our Laboratory
The warehouse for the storage of products, located into the fruit and vegetable market of Rome, is the heart of the company. Here come the vegetables and fruit that we grow in our fields to be transformed into in oils, creams, jams and fruit juices in our artisan laboratory. With craftsmanship, faithful to traditional recipes that best enhance the flavors of our land.

Company Profile

Biosolidale was started with the aim of distributing local organic produce. The choice of the organic is the result of a philosophy based on respect for the earth. Furthermore, in carrying out its activities Biosolidale supports the ENVIRONMENT, the ECONOMY and the LOCAL COMMUNITY.

BIOSOLIDALE promotes organic agriculture. A method of farming which thanks to the exclusive use of natural substances and not of synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides) ensures the sustainable use of our natural resources for future generations.

BIOSOLIDALE contributes to the production of clean energy: the roof of our new structure is entirely covered with solar panels that produce about 160,000 KWH / year, ensuring the entire energy needs of our warehouse and offices and putting in the surplus clean energy back into the grid.

BIOSOLIDALE reduces the production of food waste, due to the observance of regulations on temperature control of foods: temperature monitoring occurs throughout the cold chain, from receipt of the goods for its preservation in a refrigerated environment, including transport and delivery to the consumer.


BIOSOLIDALE works with small and medium sized farms, particularly those operating in the Lazio Region, encouraging our consumer's awareness of local produce and supporting the local agricultural economy.

BIOSOLIDALE is itself a company that since 2005 has offered a local alternative to large scale food distribution.

Agricultural activity for the direct production of fruit and vegetables takes place on 15 hectares of land that extend in the area of the Castelli Romani and Monti Prenestini on the outskirts of Rome

BIOSOLIDALE shares the principles and objectives of social and work integration of the social agricultural cooperatives from which was born. We support them through the choice of their products, which more than simply being high quality produce certified by external organizations, also include an important ‘added value’ intrinsic to human labor that produced them

Our Products

Our Juices
Are made by 100% of Italian organic fruit. Without sugar add, sweetened with grape juice of the Roman hills. No dyes, no acidity and preservatives: Only pureed fruit and grape juice. Ideal for children. Elongated with water they become a refreshing and nutritious drink.
Our Jams and our marmalades
are produced using local organic products. Just a lot of fruit and a little bit of organic brown sugar. No thickeners, coloring agents, acidity regulators and preservatives.
Our In oil and our vegetable creams
Are made with fresh local vegetables, specially collected to be worked. By the combination with an extra virgin olive oil from Lazio of the highest quality, we get a unique product excellence. No dyes, acidity regulators and preservatives. No added sulfites.

Chilli Passion

In our fields we grow over 200 varieties of organic chillies which we transform into both mix and monovarietal creams and powders in our laboratory.

Chilli Creams
Our spicy creams contain only chilli pulp and extra virgin olive oil. Many varieties of mixed and single-variety creams for all tastes
Chilli Powders
Our chili powders are obtained in our laboratory from the fresh product just picked and dried at low temperature. Also for the powders available many varieties for the most diverse combinations.

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