LDK cast iron pillow block fs bearing FS205

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LDK cast iron pillow block fs bearing

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LDK cast iron pillow block fs bearing




Unit No.Shaft DiaDimensions (mm)Bolt Size (mm)Weight
NAFS201S 127654151124.511.537.313.938.4M100.66
NAFS201-8S1/2 7654151124.511.537.313.938.4M100.66
NAFS202S  157654151124.511.537.313.938.4M100.66
NAFS202-1OS5/8 7654151124.511.537.313.938.4M100.66
NAFS203S 177654151124.511.537.313.938.4M100.66
NAFS203-11S11/16 7654151124.511.537.313.938.4M100.66
NAFS201 128663.5191529.511.543.71745.5M100.8
NAFS201-81/2 8663.5191529.511.543.71745.5M100.8
NAFS202 158663.5191529.511.543.71745.5M100.8
NAFS202-10 5/8 8663.5191529.511.543.71745.5M100.8
NAFS203 178663.5191529.511.543.71745.5M100.8
NAFS203-1111/16 8663.5191529.511.543.71745.5M100.8
NAFS204 208663.5191529.511.543.71745.5M100.8
NAFS204-123/4 8663.5191529.511.543.71745.5M100.8
NAFS205 25937019153011.544.417.445.9M100.95
NAFS205-11 7/8  937019153011.544.417.445.9M100.95
NAFS205-1515/16 937019153011.544.417.445.9M100.95
NAFS205-161 937019153011.544.417.445.9M100.95
NAFS206 3010682.5201632.511.548.418.250.1M101.32
NAFS206-18 1-1/8  10682.5201632.511.548.418.250.1M101.32
NAFS206-191-3/16 10682.5201632.511.548.418.250.1M101.32
NAFS206-201-1/4 10682.5201632.511.548.418.250.1M101.32
NAFS207 35116922117351451.118.853.3M121.77
NAFS207-20 1-1/4  116922117351451.118.853.3M121.77
NAFS207-211-5/16 116922117351451.118.853.3M121.77
NAFS207-221-3/16 116922117351451.118.853.3M121.77
NAFS207-231-7/16 116922117351451.118.853.3M121.77
NAFS208 40129101.52417391456.321.458.9M122.22
NAFS208-241-1/2 129101.52417391456.321.458.9M122.22
NAFS208-251-9/16 129101.52417391456.321.458.9M122.22
NAFS209 451351052418401656.321.458.9M142.63
NAFS209-26 1-5/8  1351052418401656.321.458.9M142.63
NAFS209-271-11/16 1351052418401656.321.458.9M142.63
NAFS209-281-3/4 1351052418401656.321.458.9M142.63
NAFS210 501431112820451862.724.666.1M162.95
NAFS210-30 1-7/8  1431112820451862.724.666.1M162.95
NAFS210-311-15/16 1431112820451862.724.666.1M162.95
NAFS210-322 1431112820451862.724.666.1M162.95
NAFS211 551621303121491871.427.774.6M164.10
NAFS211-32 2 1621303121491871.427.774.6M164.10
NAFS211-342-1/8 1621303121491871.427.774.6M164.10
NAFS211-352-3/16 1621303121491871.427.774.6M164.10
NAFS212 60175143342253.51877.830.980.8M164.86
NAFS212-36 2-1/4  175143342253.51877.830.980.8M164.86
NAFS212-382-3/8 175143342253.51877.830.980.8M164.86
NAFS212-392-7/16 175143342253.51877.830.980.8M164.86
NAFS213  651841493822581885.734.189.6M165.90
NAFS213-402-1/2 1841493822581885.734.189.6M165.90
NAFS214  701881523823601885.734.189.6M166.45
NAFS214-442-3/4 1881523823601885.734.189.6M166.45
NAFS215  752001594124621892.137.395.8M167.55
NAFS215-472-15/16 2001594124621892.137.395.8M167.55
NAFS215-483 2001594124621892.137.395.8M167.55
NAFS216 802071654225632295.237.399.9M208.65

Structure of  fs bearing fs bearing

The outer ring of the self-contained ball bearing in ground to a sphere and the bore of housing in machined to a matching radius. This permits self-aligning between the two members. Above figure is a view of a pillow block whic is the most popular type of Insert ball bearing units with set screw locking. The bearing units have various types of perfect sealing devices and can operate satisfactorily under hard working conditions, especially for machines operated in dusty or muddy surroundings. They're widely used in agriculture, construction, textile, foodstuff, and conveying industry, and so on.


a.Rational Self-alignment;

b.Large load capacity;

c.Long life service;

d.Efficient sealing;

e.Bearing can be locked on the shaft easily;

f.Easy installation.

g.4 bolt flange assembly bearings 
h.High rotation,Low noise,Long service life
i.High loading capability
j.Heavy duty




2)Light textile,


4)Food &beverage,


6)Chemical processing,





11)Various kinds of conveying and rolling devices.

 LDK cast iron pillow block fs bearing

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LDK cast iron pillow block fs bearing


 LDK cast iron pillow block fs bearing

LDK cast iron pillow block fs bearing


 LDK cast iron pillow block fs bearing

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 LDK cast iron pillow block fs bearing




1.Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

 We are ISO/TS certified manufacturer since 1995.


 2.What is the core advantage of your company?

 -TS16949 certified manufacturing and inspection facilities.

 -Dedicated research and development center.

 -Flexible manufacturing to allow for low to high volume production.

 -Operational excellence through continuous improvement and investment.

 -Excellent customer service.


 3.Can you please introduce yourself briefly?

Established in1986, LDK is a dynamic and customer focused bearing manufacturer

delivering valued solutions to a global market. Through years' development, LDK has

become a high-tech enterprise with annual sales of US$15 million. LDK covers an area

of 10,000 square meters and has about 170 employees. LDK owns advanced production

facilities, laboratory, measuring room and more than 10 workshops. The annual output of

all kinds of Mounted ball bearings, Rod Ends and Plain bearing etc are more than 15 million pieces. LDK also has testing capabilities: Fatigue Life, Strength, Noise & Vibration, Mud

Slurry and Salt Spray Testing etc.


4.How many employees,engineers,quality control inspectors,first-tier production

staff in your company?

LDK has more than 170 employees, 5 R&D engineers, 15 quality control staff,120

first-line production staff.


5.What's your main products scope?

 LDK main products are

 - Pillow block bearings (Mounted bearings) -All stainless steel ball bearing units

 -Thermoplastic bearing units (standard& water-proof) -Rod end bearings and linkages

 -Spherical plain bearings -End fittings for gas springs and cylinders (clevis etc.)

 -Agriculture bearings


6.Your major market?

Our products are exported worldwide, major market are Europe, North America, Oceania

and Asia etc..


7.Can you accept OEM?

Yes, LDK accepts OEM under legal authorization.


8.Can you make sample and batch production according to customer's drawing

and sample?

Yes, we can. LDK provides valued bearing solutions per customer's special requirement. 

Generally MOQ will be required depending on each inquiry. Please contact with us for

more details.


9. Did your company get any certification?

Our company has set up the quality system and environmental management system 

according to the international standard of TS16949 and ISO14001.


10.How is your payment method?

 -LDK accepts T/T, LC,DP, OA. 30% down payment will be required at order.

 -Western Union /PayPal for small value order.


11.How is your sample policy?

A.For sample value less than US$10, samples would be free of charge.

B.For sample value more than US$10 but less than US$30,

B1. We could ship the sample first with courier charge on collect basis; sample fee to be paid 

when batch order placed.

B2. Customer pays for sample first with courier charge on collect basis and we compensate 

customer when batch order placed.

C.For special or custom made products,tooling cost and MOQ may apply.Please check

with us before ordering.


12.Where is your company located in? How to get there?

 LDK- is located in Quan Zhou city, the developed economic zone of southeast China that

enjoys superior geographical position and easy shipment access by sea and air. 



LDK cast iron pillow block fs bearing

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