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   Two heads stone cnc router with rotary price   









1. X,Y,Z working area1300x2500x300mm
2. StructureX Taiwan HIWIN square guide rail
Y Taiwan HIWIN square guide rail
Z Taiwan HIWIN square guide rail



Taiwan HIWIN square guide rail:great wear resistant, high speed, low resistance, stable movement, high positionaI accuracy.



3.TransmissionX ,Y gear rack
Z ball screw


Parts stone cnc router


Gear rack: fast speed.

Germany imported ball screw: professional, good precision, long service time, low resistance.



4. Workpiece holdingBy clamps
5. Resolution<0.02mm
6. Drive motorsStepper motors and drivers


Stepper motors and drivers, high revolving speed, high accuracy, low noise, low vibration, high speed,constant power making sure that the tool capable of high cutting speed, high revolving precision, high speed cutting power, reducing vibration and tool broken. Servo motor optional.


7. Feeding speed0-6000mm/min
8. Max working speed 18000mm/min
9. Spindle 4.5KW water-cooling
10. Spindle revolving speed 6000-24000rpm
11. Frequency inverterFuling
12. Working voltage380V
13. Command languageG-code


Shuntong spindle, well-known brand in China of many customers’ choice, low noise.

Fuling inverter:professional, good quality.


14. Operating system Shanghai NC Studio


Shanghai NC Studio control system

Produced by Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., good quality, good at sharp blade and relief carving, clear pattern output, fast speed up to more than 30m/min.


Optional DSP

DSP control system: continued carving after power failure, re-processing,work off-line,little professional knowledge required of the operator,convenient and practical,concise and humanized, speed up to 26m/min.



15. Computer interface USB
16. Flash memory128M(U Disk)
17. Collet ER25 ( 3.175/4/6/12.7/16mm. Optional )
18. Software compatilibyType3/Artcam/Artcut/Ucancam/JDpaint etc 



Adopts international instruction format, strong compatibility, type3 / Actcam/Castmate/UG/Proe/Artcut and other CAD/CAM design software are compatible.





19. Running environment temperature 0-45 centigrade
20. Relative humidity 30%-75%




1. Gear for super length and heavy material processing.

2. Water tank for holding waste water from the water jet.

3. Optional rotary device for 3D, cylindrical carving.

4. Cast steel lathe bed, gantry and side arms, robust without deformation, long service time.




Knowledge about stone cnc router stone cnc router


1.Water-cooling spindle vs. air-cooling spindle

A. Service time

Change the water frequently or a industrial water cooling device is needed by water-cooling spindle. In this way, its service time is longer than an air-cooling spindle. Otherwise shorter than an air-cooling spindle.

B. Accuracy

Water-cooling spindle is higher precision, axial and radial jump are both under 0.003mm. But a domestic air-cooling spindle falls far behind, unless an imported air-cooling spindle is used like Italy HSD air-cooling spindle.

C. Heat dissipation

Water-cooling spindle depends on water circulation to cool the heat generated by spindle high speed rotating with a good effect, because through water flow the temperature won't exceed 40 degree. Air-cooling spindle use a fan for heat dissipation,and its effect is far from water-cooling.

D. Noise

Water-cooling spindle is quiet while working, but air-cooling spindle is noisy. 


2. Which is better, ball screw or rack and pinion drive?

The short answer is that both are good for different applications. Each has its pluses and minuses:

A .Price: ball screw is typically less expensive, even in multiple start systems.

B. Maximum travel

Rack pinion is required for longer axes. The main reason for this is that screw-driven systems are susceptible to “screw whip”, which is an off-axis motion that worsens the faster a screw rotates.

C. Accuracy

both of these resolutions are more than adequate for large format cutting, and inaccuracies at other points in the system (such as screw lead error and backlash) make these differences more or less irrelevant.

D. Speed

There is an appreciable difference in speed between the systems due to gearing. The rack pinion is geared more aggressively to better utilize the low-end torque of stepper motors, and is also more mechanically efficient than ball screw systems. Because of this, it is capable of much higher top speeds than even multi-start ball screw. That being said, for shorter travels, this higher speed is rarely realized, as there is insufficient room to accelerate to these speeds, so in this case, ball screw can be a good and economical choice.

E. Other Considerations

Rack pinion do have a moving motor, and hence require more cable management than an ball screw axis, which typically can have at least one stationary motor. Another consideration is that it is difficult (albeit not impossible) to do a center mount rack pinion, so most rack pinion systems are dual drive on the long axis. Lastly, for z axes, rack pinion is not really appropriate, as it can be easily back-driven when the power is off, and can cause the axis to fall in an uncontrolled fashion. This can be controlled with a gas spring or other apparatus, but the cost and complexity is rarely worth it.


1.All the applicable materials and industries of wood router, advertising cnc router 

2.3D relief ,linear engraving and cutting and two-dimensional chamfering and drilling of natural marble,bowlder,granite,artifical stone,tombstone,milestone,tiles,glass etc.


Sample stone cnc router









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