Rear/front wheel 36v 350w direct drive hub motor electric bike conversion with pack battery (1804903345)

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front /rear wheel 36v 350w hub motor ebike kit


1Germany type motor(180°C copper   winding+ best magnet)

2Double-wall   alloy rims spoke (2.6mm spokes spoked   by park tool)
3 twist throttle or thumb throttle ( with   three lights shows battery capacity)
4 brake(for   both side power off)
5 Controller (6 MOZ tubes in it)GERMANY   QUALITY
6 1:1 PAS
7 Use manual   with ties also winding pipe
8 good package   can be delivered to customer directly

Our product




The suitable lithium battery


CE certificate

ebike motor CE certificationlithium battery CE certification



Why do we use a Double Walled Rim and heavy duty 36 Gauge Spokes? ? In the beginning we tried various kits and many of the brush less motors were very good motors. The problem with most of the conversion kits available are that they are spoked incorrectly, use a single walled weak rim., have spokes that are the wrong length causing the spokes to be bent in an "s" shape. Simply put bicycle wheels were not made for this type of torque on them and on occasion you will need to tighten your spokes until they finally "seat" themselves.
FRONT wheel or  REAR wheel ? FRONT elctric bike kits= easy to install, easy to maintain. This is the best for Balance if you are using SLA batteries on a rear mounted rack because of The weight. REAR electric bike kits= harder to install, BUT for big motor, =More safety Installation only for the very Mechanically inclined or professional. Only enough space for 7 rear speeds Max (we ship with 5 speed). Bad balance if you are using heavy SLA Batteries...Good for wheelie's lol but bad and unsafe balance with SLA. Good points are that they are a slightly more natural feeling ride when using Lightweight LiFePO4 batteries 





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