sheet carbon fiber reinforced plastic

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  arbon fiber sheet 3k twill weave and plain weave ( different thickness )
pure carbon fiber panel has extremely high strength, light weight, with shiny and clear appearance, widely used for model helicopter parts and hobby market.
It can be made into pure carbon fiber or glass fiber core with carbon fiber surfaces, thickness range from 0.2mm to 50mm, customized thicknesses and sizes are available.
Stand for complete solution, we supply full size to pre-cut panel, as well as CNC machined parts to your specification.
Regular size :
400mm x500mmx 0.2mm         400mm x 500mm x 0.4mm         400mm x 500mm x0.6mm
400mm x500mm x 1.0mm         400mm x 500mm x 1.5mm         400mm x500mm x2.0mm
400mm x 500mm x 2.5m           400mm x 500mm x3.0mm          400mm x 500mm x 4.0mm
400mm x 500mm x 4.5mm        400mm x500mm x 5.0mm          400mm x 500mm x 5.5mm
200mmx 300mm x1.0mm          315mm x245mm x 1.5mm         340mm x 410mmx 1.0mm
Accepted all custom size , and do cnc service , laser service , water jet service
Light Weight - Less Density - 20% Of Steel
High Strength
High Corrosion Resistance
Superior Dimensional Stability
Wide Temperature Range Use
Consistent Cross Section
Lasting Performance
Excellent Structural Properties
Environmentally Safe
Dimensional Stability
Non-Magnetic Electromagnetic
Ease Of Fabrication & Installation


1, carbon fiber panel is widely used in all kinds of metal accessories, leather goods, pens, notebooks, jewelry, furniture and other surface decoration.
2, high-end sports equipment and surface decoration
3, cell phones, portable computers
4, aircraft models, car models


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