DOCAN M8 Konica 1024 14pl UV Ink

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Product Overview


High quality UV ink for xaar,konica,seiko,spectra polaris printheads uv printer   


1. Independent research and development, quality by self-control and cost-effective;

2. Excellent fluency: After a strict long time simulation environment testing, non-condensing, stratification, precipitation phenomena;
3. Excellent ductility: flexible UV ink can adapt to a variety of surfaces such as leather, cloth, film and various surface.
4. Gamut broad, bright colors, expressive best, available for C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, White: 7 colors;
5. No harmful volatile and pungent odor, safety and environment friendly;
6. Excellent adhesion, scrub, corrosion resistance, gloss, resistance to light fastness grade 7;
7. Drying excellent, curing quickly, color bleeding between the colors, the edge of the virtual shadow, no obvious color;
8. Excellent compatibility: applies to all UV flatbed printer at home or abroad;
9. Adapt media: metal, glass, ceramic, foam, resin, leather, PC, PVC, ABS and all kinds of hard and soft sheet material and coiled material and so on.


Products Introduction:


UV ink pigment particle diameter of 0.2-0.3 micron average , stable quality , print smooth , bright colors, completely curing , UV inks do not contain volatile organic solvents , low viscosity, environmentally friendly, odorless , can ensure that the ink jet printing process no nozzle clogging phenomenon . Printing materials more widely to support a wider range of image market applications. The cured ink , good flexibility , good adhesion , scrub resistance , solvent resistance, high gloss.


Conditions : 

Room temperature : 15 ° C -35 ° C Humidity : 40 % -60 %

Physical and chemical properties :

Color : C M Y K LC LM W

Fast level :7- 8

Odor : Slight

Viscosity :3-5 cps/25 ° C

Surface tension :28-32 Dynes / cm

Filtration precision : <0.5m

Printing materials :

Acrylic, metal , glass, ceramics, wood , coated paper , PC, PVC and other materials

Applicable nozzle: xaar,konica,seiko,spectra,polaris,richo printheads.

Applicable UV type : UV curable ink

Packing :1000ml etc.

Packaging & Shipping


Storage instructions:

1. Different brands and models of ink do not mix as much as possible ;

2. Stored in well-ventilated place , avoid direct sunlight ;

3. Ink should be used as soon as possible after opening , do not let dust and debris into the ink ;

4. Splashed into direct contact with skin or eyes , rinse with plenty of water , severe symptoms need to go to hospital for treatment ;

5. Ink should be put to a local children 's reach ;

6. Abnormal situation , please consult your local dealer or technical staff.

Shelf life : Six months( best storage temperature is below 30 º C)



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