10 to 100 Meters 12K Floor Warm Heating Cable 33ohm/m Carbon Fiber Heating Wires heating wire coil

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Product Overview


Product Description


Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
12k 33ohm/m
Conductor Material
Insulation Material
Silicone rubber
Number of Conductors
Floor Warm Heating
Product name
Floor Warm Heating cables

Product Details:

Product Name: Carbon fiber heating wire
Insulating materials: Silicone rubber
Temperature: 200 degrees celsius limit
Heating conductor: 12K
High voltage test: 3000V
Leakage current: 0.05mA/m
The product can withstand the power of power: 25W/M
Diameter: 3±0.2 MM
Optional colors: Red
Infrared wavelength: 8UM-18UM
Conductor resistance: 33±10% Ω / M
Length: (custom, not less than 10 meters)

Package Includes:

1. Buy 100m = 100m cable + 20 pcs copper tube + 20 pcs sleeves
1. Buy 50m = 50m cable + 10 pcs copper tube + 10 pcs sleeves
1. Buy 30m = 30m cable + 6 pcs copper tube + 6 pcs sleeves
1. Buy 20m = 20m cable + 4 pcs copper tube + 4 pcs sleeves
1. Buy 15m = 15m cable + 4 pcs copper tube + 4 pcs sleeves
1. Buy 10 m = 10m cable + 2 pcs copper tube + 2 pcs sleeves

How to calculate power?

Voltage*Voltage÷resistance=electric power

For example, using 10m 12K carbon fiber cable on 220V, the power is:

For example, using 15m 12K carbon fiber cable on 220V, the power is:
The longer length, the smaller power, and lower heating temperature.

Product Applications:
1. Floor heating for Home and office: Homes, villas, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls
2. Floor heating for public areas: Swimming pool, soccer field, gymnasium, museum, memorial hall, the kindergarten
3. Floor heating for large public facilities: Bus terminal, parking lot, airport, highways
4. Floor heating for professional field: Botanical garden, greenhouse, laboratory
And other heating applications..etc...

Product Advantages:
1. High energy-efficient: Don't need other transmission medium, the electrothermal conversion efficiency is above 98%.
2. Comfortable and healthy: New infrared floor heating, make the temperature uniformity, promote blood circulation.
3. Easy to install: The carbon fiber heating wire cost a little, and has a long life span, an investment, life-long benefit, low
maintenance costs.
And etc...

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