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Product Overview


Goldenest Machinery manufacturer ---------

                             Chinese automatic farming expert!     

      Goldenest Machinery(Qingdao)Inc. is the earliest enterprise whinch engaged in the design,research,and manufacture automatic poultry and pig farming equipment, in China.



our complete automatic system include:


automatic pan feeder system for poultry


automatic nipple drinker system for poultry


automatic pig farming equipment


feed transport auger and chain


kinds of feed silo


raw plastic floor slats for poultry house


ventilation fan ,cooling pad and air inlets system


sprayer and heater system


environment control


manure cleaning system etc.


Now,follow me to see our cooling pad-----

DEHG4YR4UR34.jpg DSC02562_1.JPG

the standard and size -----

 Modle 7090Modle 7060
 H(mm) 1500 / 1800 / 2000  1500 / 1800 / 2000
 W(mm) 900 / 600 / 300 900 / 600
 D(mm) 100 / 150 / 200 / 300  100 / 150 / 200 / 300

          other size also could custom with your need!

the features and  benefits :

1.the pad made by imported fiber paper,keep durable and corrosion resistant .

2.the frame made by galvanized steel plate,stainless steel or aluminium alloy,keep it solid and long serve life.

3.the standard liked the form above,the size and frame material can custom along your require.

4.the cooling pad keep heavy water capacity and strong cooling rate.

5.the area of water evaporation is big,cooling rate as high as 80% more.

6.enduring to provide comfortable temperature and humidity for poultry house.


                     (the imported  fiber paper)

buy cooling pad with frame or only paper--- all can! -------------connect me to know the different price !


                              (the cooling pad with frame)


working theory:

       Water go through the pipe under the pressure of pump and enter the paper,then forms water spray.when the dry  and hot air go through the cooling pad under the pressure of  fans,the heat in the air left by the cool water in the cooling pad, in this way,reach the cooling purposes.


               (the sprayer and pipe parts)




We can supply the complete automatic poultry and pigs farming system for you!!


  our client poultry huose picture-------------


   You could connect with me in following ways-------


we could provide complete automatic farming equipment                   

                 hope to build a good business relation with your company!

thanks for reading!!

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