Self Adhesive Offset Printing Blanket (1923073264)

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Price:RUB 1,189.24 - RUB 3,887.31
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Product Overview


1. Sheet-fed Offset Printing Rubber Blankets For offset Printing Machine

2.Metal rubber blankets,

3.UV Rubber Blanket

4.Under blanket 



1. Application range


   1).especially for sheet-fed offset printing

   2).suitable for different size paper.


2. Feature


    1). high performance compressible offset blanket

    2). suitble for different size paper

    3). the surface is superfine to guarantee high performance printing

    4). stabilizing fabrics, high blotting and low distortion, durability and stable quality

    5). 3/4 plyer


3. Specification & Technical Data


AVT Rubber Blanket
ModelSpeedThickness (mm)HardnessSmoothnesscompressibility (200N/5cm)Tensile StrengthElongation (500N/5cm)

Sheet-fed Offset printing blanket

T081           6,000-8,000s/h1.9575°<0.03mm0.2mm>4500N<1.5%
T086         8,000-10,000s/h1.9577°<0.03mm0.2mm>4600N(5cm)<1.0%
T088           >13,000s/h1.9575°<0.03mm0.22mm4800N<0.7%

 4. Storage Attetion


    1). Keep in a cool and dry place. No sunshine. No wet.

    2). Don’t fold the rubber blanket when carry and use. Keep the blankets far away from the hard and pointed things.

    3). Keep them in flat; don’t be in roll, if long time no using.


5. Aluminum Bar Or Steel bars

various of bar suitable for different machine types.

 sheets/box, many boxes onto one pallet.     30m/roll,25m/roll,many rolls onto one pallet





 Dampening sleeves:


0.0084 s.