30 кВт три ролика электрический управляемый жесткий древесные пеллеты по производству гранул оборудование мукомольных заводов

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         Electric Roller Driven Mill Introduction       


This electric flat die pellet mill has roller-driven design which ensures more powerful compression on the materials, so it can process hardwood materials into biomass pellets more easily than other die-driven pellet mills. With self-lubrication system and a little large capacity 500-600kg/h, it is an ideal choice for you to start a pellets business at home or workshop. High efficiency and low power consumption, our roller-driven pellet mill can make profits quickly for you.Roller Driven Flat Die Pellet Mill Working PrincipleThe main parts of flat die pellet mill are two rotating rollers and a stationary pellet die. When the machine works, the rotating roller will press material into the die hole of the stationary die. There are two highlights of pellet mill driven by rotating rollers. One is that this design can prolong pellet mill service life, the other is it make wood pellets more smooth and solid.

  MKL395 Knowing your machine 



Model No.Electric Engine 50HZ 3phase Wood output(kg/h)N/G weight(kg)Die DiameterPellet diameterPacking Size(cm)
MKL225380V 7.5KW120-200230/2602292.5-10mm100*45*98
MKL225B380V 7.5KW120-200230/2602292.5-10mm100*46*115
MKL225C380V 7.5KW120-200320/3602292.5-10mm100*46*115





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What are the differences between roller driven type pellet mill and die driven type pellet mill?


 In terms of price, with the same configuration (capacity, power, etc), die type pellet mill is cheaper than roller type because the latter has smarter design of pelletizing process and a better gearbox, though both types of pellet mill are competent of making quality pellets.  the two rollers are running around the central driven by the main shaft and simultaneously rotating themselves, adding a positive force to the raw material. With the given dual action, not only is the raw material well pressed, but also mixed. Thanks to the sturdy shaft, it easily resists the harder counterforce produced by hard wood and material suchlike, making R type therefore a wider material application range.




Our pellet mills are guaranteed with 1 year quality assurance from the date of goods shipment. 


When we are talking about spare parts for a pellet mill, by and large, we are talking about die, roller and bearing. Practically, that how often you will need to renew spare parts is depending on what raw material you are making pellets from. Apparently, compared with making straw pellets, pellet mill that are making wood pellets requires a higher frequency for changing spare parts. We supply clients with high quality pellet mill dies, rollers, bearings and other parts. Clients are available to order at anytime. If you need spare parts, please contact me or test message.




Then picture are the Roller and Die of MKL395








This household pellet mill has a rotating roller and a stationary die design. Once the powder drops into the mill, the rollers will spin with the diesel engine to force the powder through the holes of dies. In this way different size pellets will be made.




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What can I do when my Pellet mill can not produce pellets?




A: New flat die pellet mill in first use may not produce pellets, because of the low smoothness of mould and bad cooperation in new devices. After using oily material for a period, the pellet machine can run smoothly.
B: The clearance between rollers and dies is too large. You can tighten the screw to narrow the gap to 1.5-2.5 mm.
C: Necessary steps to update a new die or roller shell because of wear and tear caused by long-term service.
D: The material is too wet or too dry, resulting in low productivity. You’d better increase or decrease the moisture to proper rate, generally 14%-16% in raw material.








        Kinds of row materials and working processing      








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Homemade Pellets Used as Stove Fuel 




Home pellet stove is widely used in Europe and many other places in the world. It is an environment-friendly method to keep warm and cook. Pellet stove uses less natural resources as its fuel is generated from waste or recycled materials. The fuel it used can be made at home. Here are a few tips for you to spend less money making the stove fuel if you choose a pellet stove for heating. 




You have to prepare raw materials along with a flat die pellet mill which is used to press the materials into the needed fuel for home. There are a wide variety of raw materials that you can use to make the fuel, such as fruit pits, different types of grass, corn cobs, barley star, shelled corn, wheat, paper, etc. Your choice of materials decides the heating or cooking effect, thus you need to look up the kind of stove to properly match the pellet fuel.




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Our factory and certification 




As 7/24 email and phone call service is available, I am ready to answer your any specific questions regarding to our machinery and pellet mill in particular. In addition, we prepare the teaching videos in terms of installation, lubrication, trial running, parts replacements and so forth.


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