Двойной цифровой электронный измеритель точности Плюс/минус 1 см Реверсивный материал режущий станок счетчик измерителей

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Product Overview


3, use

For inspection machine, rolling machine, film, cable machines and mechanical stereotypes need to measure the length of the device is mainly used for textiles, cables, paper and other wire, wire, tube and strip production process automatic length measurement, meter Circle and control. Due to the reversible sensor is a photoelectric sensor, to overcome the mechanical gauge or mechanical wear due to the low lifetime slip brought low accuracy ills, accuracy is significantly improved over the mechanical counter, plus or minus 0.2%, and stable performance, interference ability, simple and intuitive operation display. The internal design of high-performance products and negative direction discrimination circuit, and optical encoders, enabling length measurement in both directions, that is superimposed meter can also reverse reduction meter!

By changing the setting factor, the measurement results can be any trimming, the measurement display value is consistent with the actual value. It does not require the manufacturing precision encoder wheel sensor or a user sample wheel of almost any diameter. So easy to install, while also reducing errors caused by the installation. Applicable to any type, meter any occasions.


2, the structural characteristics and main technical specifications

1 length length measurement and control :00000.0-99999 .9 m ,0000.00-9999 .99 m ,000000-999999m
 Display units cm, dm, m arbitrary code switch setting!
2 reversible bi-directional counting
3. Pulse equivalent :0.00001-99.9999
4 Dimensions (W × H × D):. 72 × 72 × 85mm installation hole size (W × H): 68 × 68mm
5. Mechanical friction error correction function
6 Power:. AC/DC100-250V

1, main functions


1, reversible counting: When the measured object plus the forward motion, reverse motion reduction, no change to the error.

2, with a blackout of information protection. After a power outage, the original set the number and the current count value to maintain the status before power failure, after power is restored, then the state of the instrument before power continue to work.

3, fixed-length output: When the count value set meter time (can be set to two different values), the instrument signal output contact (normally closed NC), normally closed contact can be directly connected to the control device to stop or cut other implementing agencies, the police, etc., then the normally open contacts can control the machine starts or electricity, alarm connected to the normally open contacts, set a few meters to reach the alarm, the alarm duration of 0.1-9.9 seconds set arbitrarily, two relay output action combine any set pattern, there is always a right for you! Buy when you can contact the customer to set up your desired mode delivery!

4, by setting the alarm alarm achieve early warning function, such as a meter alarm, t seconds after the alarm, b meter meter meter automatically cleared again!

5, external cleared terminal via an external switch operation clears the count display

6, the count value, the coefficient values can be set flexibly in production parameters unchanged, one can set the number of long-term work.


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