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Products Description

Sodium Polyacrylate Powder Food Additives
Product Name: Sodium polyacrylate food grade
Other names: Polyacrylic acid sodium salt;
Properties: odorless and tasteless
Country of origin: Jiangmen city, Guangdong, China
Usage: Dissolved into water to form transparent solution of high viscosity for thickening in food production
Function: It has the functions of thickening, enhancing the viscoelasticity of food, water retention, stability, adhesion and suspension
Dissolution time: 0.5-1 hours
Storage method: When storing the attention to heat, moisture, stacking layers of not more than 20 layers.
Quality guarantee period: The effective storage period is 2 years.
Model No.: 20G, 20S
Recommend dosage: 0.2% (according to different customers need)
Product Specification:

white powder
Free alkail
Not react with phenolphthalin 
Sulfate ( test SO4) , %                            max 
≤ 0.49
< 0.49
Arsenic ( test As2O3), ppm                  max
≤ 2
< 2
Heavy Metal ( test Pb), ppm                 max
≤ 20
< 20
Residual Monomer, %                            max
≤ 1
Oligomer, %                                             max
≤ 5
Unchanged blue in Iodine
Loss on drying ( 105℃, 4 hours), %      max
≤ 10
Residue on ignition, %                             max
≤ 76
Viscosity ( Rotational Viscometer
 No.3 rotor, 30 rotate speed, 0.2%
water solution, 30℃),  cps


Product Application

Application of Sodium polyacrylate food additives

Food Industry category
Application functions
Noodles or Pasta ( or flour products like macaroni, bread, cake, bakery food, dumpling wrappers, corn starch sheets)
our Sodium polyacrylate can enhance adhesive of flour, prevent the soluble starch and nutrients emulation, improve dough extensibility and raw material utilization.To improve the texture and taste, inhibit the drying of bread and other food products caused by natural aging, can highly increase the flexibility and boiling fastness of vermicelli.
Instant noodles ( or other deep fried food)
our Sodium polyacrylate can make oil fully dispersed in the dough, reduce the absorption rate of oil and save oil.
Beverage industry
our Sodium polyacrylate as a mixed emulsifier stabilizer and dispersant composition of the ingredients, can replace the role of CMC, gelatin, agar, sodium alginate. Enhance the effect and reduce the cost.
Meat processing  products
our Sodium polyacrylate can be used for meat processing, such as sausage, meatballs, artificial meat, increasing the viscosity and ductibility of protein fibers and taste
Cream and jam
our Sodium polyacrylate can be used as thickener and stabilizer in flavoring source, soy sauce, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, jam and cream, ice cream, improving its taste and texture and maintaining its shape for long time

our Sodium polyacrylate has the following effects in food

(1) Strong water retention, keep moisture evenly in the dough and prevent drying

(2) Improve the ductility of dough

(3) Enhance protein binding in raw flour

(4) Binding starch particles to each other, dispersing and penetrating into the network structure of protein

(5) Forms a dense dough with a smooth and shiny surface

(6) Forms stable dough colloids and prevents soluble starch from oozing out

(7) Sodium polyacrylate stably disperses the oily ingredients in the raw material into the dough

(8) As electrolyte interacts with protein, changes protein structure, enhances food's viscoelasticity, and improves tissue

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