Detergent Enzymes, Alkaline Protease, Lipase, Amylase, Cellulase

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Product Overview


We are manufacturers of all sorts of enzymes. We could supply enzymes with good quality and competitive price! Habio enzymes are developed by Mianyang Habio Bioengineering Co., Ltd with, microbe fermentation and advanced post-process technology.


1. Lipase:


Activity Definition: 

One unit (U) of lipase is defined as the quantity of enzyme, which liberates 1μmol titrable fatty acid per minute from substrate at 40ºC, pH7.5.


Temperature: 37-80ºC     PH: 2.5-11.5

Color: yellowish white


2. Alkaline Protease:


Activity Definition:

One unit (U) of alkaline protease is the amount of enzyme which can produce 1  μg tyrosine in 1 minute by hydrolyzing caseins with 1g enzyme powder(1ml liquid enzyme) at 40 ºC, PH 10.5.


Temperature: 40-60 ºC,    PH: 7.0-11

Color: Brown


3. Mid-temperature Amylase:


Activity Definition:

One unit of Mid-temperature Amylase is the number of enzyme which can liberate 1μmol liquefaction soluble starch in 1 hour at 60 ºC, PH6.0


Temperature: 55-90 ºC,    PH: 6-7

Color: Brown


4. Combination of the three enzymes 

(1). Lipase can hydrolyze triglycerid into diglycerid, monoglycerid and free fatty acid to get rid of lipid dirt and greasy on clothes.

(2). Alkaline Protease can degrade protein into water solube polypeptide and amino acid.

(3). Amylase can hydrolyze 1, 4-alpha glucosidic bond in amylose, it can degrade gelatinized starch quickly into soluble dextrin and oligosaccharide.

(4). You can also add cellulase in it. It can make the structure of cellulose fluffy, so the washing powder can have full acess with the dust and dirt permeated deeply in cellulose. In this way, it can reach a much better washing effect.


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