Mini Anion Car Air Freshener Portable Ionic Car Air Purifier JO 6271

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Product Overview


Mini Anion Car Air Freshener Portable Ionic Car Air Purifier JO-6271

Air Purifier Manufacturer since 2006
ISO:9001  |  BSCI  |  OEM & ODM

Products Description

Joyful Driving with Clean Air
Mini Impulsive Ionic Car Air Purifier JO-6271

7th Generation Original Product
Mini Air Purifier Ionizer JO-6271 is the 7th generation original product developed and manufactured by Ionkini Jingcheng Technology.

Remove particles including smoke, dust and PM2.5
Eliminate harmful germs & bacteria
Decompose benzene and formaldehyde

Reduce unpleasant smells
Freshen the air & bring positive effect on mental & physical health

3.8 Million Pcs/cm3 Negative Ion Concentration
By releasing a tremendous amount of negative ions, JO-6271 can effectively remove
different air pollutants:

Smoke Dispelling Experiment
In this experiment, the smoke was removed in no more than a few seconds.
The secret of JO-6271's high air purification efficiency is its high negative ion concentration.

Small & Effective
Small size, cordless design. It is
compact and will not interfere with gear shifting.
Powerful performance on air
purification with low power consumption.

Ultra Quiet Design
Silently works its magic by your side.
Filterless & Maintenance-free
Actively cleans the air by generating
negative ions. No regular filter replacement is needed.

Matte-finish Version
More New Options with Matte-finish Surface

Plug into 12v car cigarette lighter
Use at home with an adapter

Easy To Use

Mini Car Air Purifier Ionizer JO-6271 can be used in car or indoors (home, office, etc.)
Just plug it into the 12V car cigarette lighter or home AC adapter (optional accessory).

When JO-6271 is in operation, the LED indication light is on.
To switch it off: Unplug JO-6271 from the cigarette lighter or the adapter.

Standard Packaging
Plastic packaging, Metal box packaging & Plastic packaging with home adapter(AU/EU) is available.
OEM customized packaging is also welcomed.

OEM / ODM Service
We provide OEM Service. If you would like to customize the product color or print your logo on the products or packaging, contact us know to get the best solutions.


Ionkini Mini Car Air Purifier JO-6271
Input voltage
12 V DC
Power consumption
≤0.8 W
Negative ion output
Ozone concentration
Less than 0.05ppm
Product dimensions
22 * 22 * 88 (mm)
Net weight
About 30g
CE, RoHS, Fcc
Car, office, home

Product appearance in kind prevail. Product design, color, stock, functions and specifications are subject to change without notice.
If there is any error or misunderstanding on the content, we reserve the right of final interpretation for the content herein.


Certificates & Test Reports
Ionkini Car Air Purifier JO-6271 has been CE, RoHS, Fcc certified.

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