190T 68D Polyester Taffeta P/D,Heavy

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 190T,68D Polyester Taffeta P/D,Heavyitem description




68X68d, 59" 56gsm (85g/m)

item no#F19(heavy)
Grey, Azo-free


1.Composition: 100% Polyester
2.Plain Dye, Printing, Coat, W/P, Breathable, etc also availbale

Our current spec in production:

 main products

F17170T,Poly Taffeta P/D100% Polyester170T,66dX66d,58/59"  49gsm 74.5g/m
F17 170T,Poly Taffeta P/D100% Polyester170T,63dX66d,58/59" 48gsm 73g/m
F17-2(Poor)170T,Poly Taffeta P/D100% Polyester170T,63dX63d,58/59" 47gsm  70g/m
F17-3(Poor)170T,Poly Taffeta P/D100% Polyester170T,61dX61d,58/59" 45gsm  68g/m
F18-2180T,Poly Taffeta P/D100% Polyester180T,63dX66d,58/59"  51gsm 77.5g/m
F18180T,Poly Taffeta P/D100% Polyester180T,66dX66d,58/59"  52gsm 80g/m
F19190T,Poly Taffeta P/D100% Polyester190T,66X66d,58/59" 54gsm 82g/m
F19-2190T,Poly Taffeta P/D100% Polyester190T,63X66d,58/59" 53gsm 81g/m
F19-3190T,Poly Taffeta P/D100% Polyester190T,63X63d,58/59" 52gsm 80g/m
F19(heavy)190T,Poly Taffeta P/D,high density100% Polyester190T,68X68d, 59" 56gsm 85g/m
F1950(soft)190T,Poly Taffeta P/D Soft 100% Polyester190T,50DX75D,58/59" 52gsm 80g/m
F197(tent use) 190T,Poly Taffeta P/D  100% Polyester190T,75DX75D,58/59" 62gsm 94g/m
F19(wide width umbrella190T,Poly Taffeta widewidth P/D100% Polyester190T,66X66d,67/68" 54gsm 
F21210T,Poly Taffeta P/D100% Polyester210T,63dX63d,58/59" 58gsm 88g/m
F21(good)210T,Poly Taffeta P/D100% Polyester210T,66dX66d,58/59" 61gsm 92g/m
F21E210T,poly taffeta P/D+Cire100% Polyester63D*63D, 210T  one time calendering
F2950E290T,poly taffeta Downproof White Cire100% Polyester50D*50D, 290T,62g/m2
F29 290T,poly taffeta P/D100% Polyester50D*50D, 290T,62g/m2
F29E290T,poly taffeta P/D+cire100% Polyester50D*50D,290T
F34340T,poly super fine taffeta P/D100% Polyester30d*30d,340T,41g/m2
F36360T,poly super fine taffeta P/D100% Polyester20D*20D,360T
F39390T,poly super fine taffeta P/D100% Polyester20D*20D,390T
F18S180T,poly taffeta P/D+silver coating100% Polyester66D*66D 180T
F19S190T,poly taffeta P/D+silver coating100% Polyester66D*66D 190T
F19U190T,poly taffeta P/D+PU coating100% Polyester61DX61D 190T
F21U210T,poly taffeta P/D+PU coating100% Polyester66D*66D, 2000mm
F26E260T,poly taffeta P/D+cire100% Polyester66D*66D, twice calendering
WR19190T,BRIGHT TWILL poly taffeta 190T100% Polyester63D*108D TBR, 190T, 60”
W221220T,poly heavy twill taffeta P/D100% Polyester63D*100D, 220T 75G/SM, 58/59”
W217575D 2/1 ,poly twill taffeta 75D 2/1 P/D100% Polyester75D*75D, 130*84 75G/SM, 58/59”
W230230T,polyester twill taffeta 230T100% Polyester63D*66D, 230T, 63GSM  60”
V2110/V21POLYESTER CHEVRON TWILL100% Polyester63D*66D,142*88,59”



Remarks: 210T PU COATING are mainly use for umbrella fabric and tent, raincoat fabric
Usage: Uniform, womens spring garments, festival dress, worker garments, rain coat, bag, wind coat, uniform, leisurewear, trousers, lining, school clothes, home textiles, lining of bags etc
Production Process:P/D, PRINT, PVC


  PS: We are 16years Alibaba Golden Supplier

       We’ve been producing over 18 years in textile. 

Poly Taffeta-Cire-FabricPoly Taffeta-Cire Fabric_PU-milky Poly Taffeta FabricNYLON-POLY TAFFETA 230T TWILL


Why choose us?






Very reasonable price. We are a professional Fabric supplier. We’ve been producing over 18 years in textile. We weave greige ourselves so the price is competitive.






We have weaving factory, we control the quality form the material (Yarn), we also have professional Quality Control systems and professional worker teams. We can guarantee the product quality is excellent that meets your requirement.


OEM/Custom design: we can produce various designs according to customer's samples and according to your requirements






As we have many items in grey stock, once the order is confirmed, we can dye and print it immediately, it will save production time, and ship it soon


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