CF198A, управляемая дизельным двигателем, измельчитель зерна для корма животных, кукурузная молотковая мельница

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Hammer Mill CF198A   



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Model No.Power Electric Engine 50HZ Wood output(kg/h)N/G weight(kg)Sieve screen sizeSieve screen specificationPacking Size(cm)
CF1581 phase 2.2kw 60-12075/95360*160mm1.5-10mm48*58*63
CF1583 phase 2.2kw 60-12075/95360*160mm1.5-10mm48*58*63
CF1983 phase 4kw200-300120/140510*200mm2-10mm90*58*102
CF1987.5HP gasoline engine200-300120/140510*200mm2-10mm96*62*105
CF420B3 phase 7.5kw200-400260/320680*280mm1.8-10mm112*82*107



1. Driven by a diesel engine makes materials crushing possible especially in the rural area with shortage of electricity.
2.The core part -the hammers are made of high quality carbon alloy steel, which is durable and wear-resistant.
3. Available screen discharge area can be up to1904 square centimeter which allows for high throughput at a lower horse power.
4. We can equip air blower, the crushed material can be directly collected and transported to next machine for further processing.
5. You can change screening sieve according to different material grinding requirements.
7. We can customize the following sieve with screening hole diameter of 2mm-10mm.

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In actual production, a cyclone is always a necessary device in wood hammer mill. What’s the function of cyclones? How does it work? Does the cyclone really work?


-1.jpgCyclonic separation is a method to remove wood particles from air steam though vortex separation without filters. In wood chips and sawdust collection, rotational effects and gravity are main ways to separate the mixed air flow. This method can be also used to separate fine droplets of liquid from a gaseous stream.

A high speed rotating airflow is established within a cylindrical or conical container called a cyclone. Airflow begins at the tops of cyclone and ends at the bottom, moving in a spiral way. Wood particles out from wood hammer mill are drew up into airflow starting separation procedure. Wood chips and sawdust in the rotating steam have much inertia to follow the moving airflow. They will strike the inner wall until falling to the bottom, waiting to be collected.

The main advantage of cyclones is to reduce the dust content in air to protect your lungs and breathing system. Pneumoconioses and black lung disease are all cause by long term exposure to dust. Please taking heath into consideration when purchasing a wood processing machines.





                                     After-sale Service                                    
After-sale service can ensure a smooth business once you buy a machine aboard. You can inevitably encounter some operation problems while making wood pellets. Amisy can offer you 12 months warranty for main parts to protect your interests and save your money.




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Do I have to go to your factory for atutorial of learing how to operate a pellet mill?

It's not necessary. As 7/24 email and phone call service is available, I am ready to answer your any specific questions regarding to our machinery and pellet mill in particular. In addition, we prepare the teaching videos in terms of installation, lubrication, trial running, parts replacements and so forth.




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