laundry soap plant, finishing product line

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Product Overview


This product line is a soap finishing line including all the production process, such as melting of oil and fat, refining and decolouring, saponification of oil and fat, vacuum drying and cooling, milling soap noodles for twice and refining continuously, then turned into soaps.


Main machines include: Carburetion Pool, Storage Tank for Refine Oil, Saponification Cauldron, Ingredients Mixture Tank, Heat Exchanger, 1.Fine Separators, 2.Vacuum Dryer, Steam Injector, Barometric Condenser, 3.Pelletizer, 4.Three-roller Mill, 5.Conveyer Belts, 6Vacuum Plodder, 7Soap Cutting Machine and Soap Stamping Machines, etc.


Production Capacity: 300-500kg/h, 800-1000kg/h, 1000-1500kg/h, 1500-2000kg/h, and 2000-3000kg/h.

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