Fiberglass chopped strand mat

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Fiberglass chopped strand mat

Fiberglass chopped strand mat


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DESCRIPTION of Fiberglass chopped strand mat


   Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat


E glass fiberglass chopped strand mat is a non-woven E or C -glass fiber mat,product manufactured by spreading continuous filament roving of 50mm in length randomly,have powder and emulsion biber two kinds.It is compatible with unsaturated polyester,vinyl ester, epoxy and phenolic resins.
This product is characterized by good combination of resin,easy operation, good wet strength retention,good laminate transparency and low cost.It is suitable for the applicationbs of hand lay-up FRP moldings,such as various sheets and panels,boat hulls,bath tubs,cooling towers,corrosion resistant, vehicles etc.

Specification: EMC300 EMC450 EMC600 EMC800,csm300 csm450 csm600 csm800,300gsm 450gsm 600gsm 800gsm
E glass chopped strand mat width: 1040mm 1250mm 1270mm
Packing: one roll/carton box,16rollspallet

Applications:automotive, vessels, gratings, bathtub, FRP composite, tanks, waterproof, reinforcement, insulation, spraying,spray gun,mat,gmt,boat,csm,frp,panel,car body,knitting,chopped strand,pipe,gypsum mold,boat hulls,wind energy,wind blades,fiberglass boat hulls,boats fiberglass,fiberglass pools,fiberglass fish tank,fiberglass fishing boat,fiberglass molds,fiberglass rods,fiberglass swimming pool,fiberglass boats molds, fiberglass pool,fiberglass chopper gun,fiberglass spray gun, fiberglass water tank,fiberglass pressure vessel,fiberglass poles,fiberglass fish pond,fiberglass resin,fiberglass car body,fiberglass panels,fiberglass ladder,fiberglass insulation,fiberglass dinghy,fiberglass car roof top tent,fiberglass statue,fiberglass grating,fiberglass rebar,glass fiber reinforced concrete,fiber glass swimming pooland etc.


01 Fiberglass chopped strand mat 02 Fiberglass chopped strand mat 03 Fiberglass chopped strand mat


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PRODUCT INFORMATION of alibaba china supplier powder emulsion 300gsm 450gsm FRP reinforcement e-glass fiber glass chopped strand glass fiber mat


Specifications Type




Combustible Matter


EMC300g/m2 E 300±10% ≥90 3.5±1.1
≥100 2.8±0.9
EMC450g/m2 E 450±10% ≥120 2.5±0.8
EMC600g/m2 E 600±10% ≥150 2.4±0.8
≥200 2.1±0.6

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WORKING PROCESS of Fiberglass chopped strand mat


1. Fiberglass roving

2. Chopped roving

3. Bonded with binder


04 Fiberglass chopped strand mat



SHIPPING & STORAGE of Fiberglass chopped strand mat





Best use period:  

  15 ℃ - 35 ℃,keep it cool and dry
  35% - 65%
  Packed with a plastic film bag,then in carton box
  In 12 months


05 Fiberglass chopped strand mat  06 Fiberglass chopped strand mat  07 Fiberglass chopped strand mat




APPLICATION of Fiberglass chopped strand mat


Coating substrate, Construction, Decoration, Electronic, Filter, Fireproof, Industrial,Civil plank, Insulation, Military project, Ship shell structure materials, Sports equipment and aircraft model, Structural support,etc...




ABOUT US of Fiberglass chopped strand mat


4 Factories
2300 Workers
3 Production Lines Of Chopped Strand Mat(Standard Width:1600/ 2600/ 3200mm, Customized Width Available)
200 Weaving Equipment
2.6 Million- 5 Million USD Annual Export Value


Factory Capacity: 390000 Tons/Year Of Fiberglass Yarn And Roving

                              67000 Tons/Year Of Fiberglass Mat

                              35000 Tons/Year Of Fiberglass Cloth

Delivery time: 7 Working days

Main Market: Asian,Western Europe,Middle East,South America, South-East Asian

09 Fiberglass chopped strand mat



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10 Fiberglass chopped strand mat




FAQ of Fiberglass chopped strand mat


      1.Q: What specification do you have for E glass Fiberglass chopped strand mat?
         A: Now our normal specification of fiberglass mat have 300/380/450/600/900gsm, can be customized.

      2.Q:How about the width?
         A:The normal width is 1040mm and 1270mm, can be customized.

      3.Q:How about the sample delivery?
         A:Small sample is free of charge, sample ready time 3-5days.

      4.Q:How about the delivery time?
         A:It is depend on the order quantity, three 20'ft container around 20days.





13 Fiberglass chopped strand mat

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