UNISOLAR 270W 5910mm*348mm CIGS BIPV Flexible Solar PV modules (FLEX 03NL 270W)

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Product Overview


 UNISOLAR 270W 5910mm*348mm CIGS BIPV Flexible Solar PV modules (FLEX-03NL-270W)

FLEX-03NL CIGS Flexible Solar Panel

Power option: 260W.270W.280W.290W

Model number: FLEX-03NL-270W

Dimension: 5910MM*348MM


Key Features:

-Record efficiency levels in a flexible form factor „

-Low installed weight at less than 2.4 kg/m2 (<0.5lb/ft2) „

-No penetrations, ballast or racking required „

-Applicable for high wind load and high seismic hazard areas „

-Bypass diodes reduce PV system shading losses „

-Directly bonds to many approved surfaces



IEC 61646. IEC 61730, IEC 62716, IEC 61701 (Salt Spray) „

UL 1703, cUL 1703 „

For Roofing Systems as the external fire exposure per UL file E483778 for Class A, B or C



-5 year workmanship „

-10/25 year warranty against power loss


Company introduction:

UNISOLAR is registered brand of Jinan Linquan Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Following official authorization from Hanergy from year 2015, UNISOLAR is focusing on overseas marketing for high efficiency Miasole Flexible Solar Panels. Production base situated in Zibo, Shandong, CHINA, UNISOLAR has become the leading exporter for powerful, lightweight, shatterproof and flexible solar cells. The innovative solar cell is based on the highest efficiency thin–film technology available today, and its flexible cell architecture makes it ideal for a wide variety of solutions ranging from off- grid transportation solutions to commercial roofing solar panels to flexible mobile devices.


MiaSolé is the producer of powerful, lightweight,shatterproof and flexible solar cells

The innovative solar cell is based on the highest efficiency thin–film technology available today, and its flexible cell architecture makes it ideal for a wide variety of solutions ranging from off-grid transportation solutions to commercial roofing solar panels to flexible mobile devices


Why flexible solar?

Flexible lightweight shatterproof solar cells and modules can go where rigid breakable glass modules can't. This makes it possible to add solar energy generation to curved surfaces, vehicles, structures such as carports and storage facilities, floating reservoir covers, landfill membrane covers, low load capacity roofs, as well as mobile devices and many other applications. „ Why MiaSolé? MiaSolé is the producer of advanced CIGS technology with an average aperture efficiency of 17.5% „ How do wedo it? We begin with high–grade stainless steel foil and use an advanced semiconductor deposition process, PVD, to produce the most controlled, stable, and powerful flexible stainless steel CIGS cell in the world. Once the cell structure is deposited on the foil, special transparent conductive oxides are applied, and a specialized plastic- cell interconnect mesh- wire system is laminated to the cell, which is in turn protected by special water barrier plastics. The transparent water barrier is key to the longevity of MiaSolé FLEX modules. The special plastic back sheet has an internal aluminum film to prevent water transmission from eroding the powerful stainless steel CIGS cells.




Less than 2.4 kg/m2 (<0.5 lb/ft2 ). Because FLEX–02 modules are so much lighter than heavy rigid silicon panels mounted with racks, they are the best solution for building structures with low dead load and environmental load limitations (such as snow). The modules are also ideal for other structures, such as autos, trucks, and RVs, that are not constructed to support the weight of traditional solar panels. „


MiaSolé FLEX modules are the highest efficiency flexible thin-film CIGS modules in production today, providing the highest power density per kilogram in a commercially available solar module. Our aperture efficiencies are as high as 17%, providing over four times the power generation per kilogram of silicon. In the future, efficiencies of up to 20% are expected. „

-Easy to Install: MiaSolé FLEX modules use peel-and-stick application.

This eliminates penetrations into the structure, reducing the chance of leaks. Peel-and-stick application also allows for installation on surfaces such as autos, trucks, and RVs where racks would not be feasible, and lowers the balance-of-systems (BOS) costs and complexity when mounting FLEX modules on rooftops. „

-Flexible: MiaSolé FLEX modules conform to curved surfaces, enabling solar power generation on surfaces not suited to traditional rigid silicon panels. „

-Shatterproof: FLEX modules are shatterproof, and won't break if struck by debris. Resistant to Natural Disasters: MiaSolé modules are thin (2.5mm) and adhere directly to surfaces, providing excellent wind and seismic resistance. „

-Reliable: MiaSolé modules' unique redundant interconnect design enables industry-leading reliability.


Solar Cell Features:




-Flexible solar panel for transportation solution



-Flexible solar panel for off-grid solutions



-Flexible solar modules for carports



-Flexible solar panel for membrane roof systems



-Flexible solar panel for metal roofing systems



-Flexible solar panel for landfills


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