Industrial Electrostatic Air Cleaner With Oil and Mist Filtration Device (404411729)

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 Features of Electrostatic Air Cleaner (Electrostatic precipitator) for Pollution free Industrial Emission:

1. Patented cylindrical honeycomb Kelantechnics Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) applied, maximizing the Oil Mist Collection & filtration efficiency.

2. Enormous Oil Mist Collection and filtration efficiency: above 97%, based on 2 stages of electric field (electrostatic air filter) guaranteed.

3.PLC controlled flame detection device, built-in fire-control monitoring and automatic fire-suppression system, patented draw-out style fire-proof valve, plus the optional cooling device, easy to realize remote control and monitoring, ensuring the absolute fire safety of the Electrostatic air pollution control system in emergency, and considerable savings in maintenance cost.

4.Coupled with super conductive heat tube heat exchanger and finned-tube heat exchangers, our Industrial air cleaner with electrostatic air filter can save you enormous amount of energy.

5. PLC controlled multi-choice operational modes, secure and reliable high-efficiency high-voltage power supply, complemented with the sophisticated system of self-diagnosis of malfunction, securing personnel and equipment safety.

6. Modular design, ensuring easy assembly of our Electrostatic air pollution control system for total operation and easy removal of the electric field (electrostatic air filter) and other major components for maintenance and cleaning.

7.Spare electric fields (electrostatic air filter) seldom needed for replacement, adding much to the savings in maintenance cost.

8.Broad-spectrum applications: our Industrial air cleaner with electrostatic air filters are ideal industrial air pollution control equipment for the disposal and recycling of waste DOP oil from fume & smoke produced during PVC product making in Rubber,Plastic and Leather industries, as well as other forms of airborne oil particulates generated by stentering machine in textile industry, metal treatment, soldering, food processing industries, etc.

9.CE (certificate of safety conformity) granted, UL867, UL710 and IEC60335 tested, ensuring the internationally standard safety and reliability of our Industrial air pollution control system.

10. ISO9001:2000 tested quality control system.

11.One year free repair and lifelong maintenance of our Industrial air cleaner with electrostatic air filters guaranteed


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Q1: How does the auto-clean device work
A1:Enclosed please kindly check the diagram.The auto-clean device consist of solenoid value,water pipe,roated nozzles and Water-heating Auto-clean Tank.The water-heating auto-clean tank consist of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC),water pump and water tank.The roated nozzles are controlled by solenoid valves.

Q2:Whether detergent consumption is needed during cleaning?
A2:As oil mist is very easy to clean with hot water for our honeycomb filter cells.Detergent is no need in our auto-clean proces.The water in the tank will be heated and used to wash the filter cells.

Q3:What is the washing cycle?
A3:Washing period depends on your setting as well as the washing time.Generally the ESP has to be washed every three to four weeks by auto-clean device.If your fume is heavy,you can shorten the washing period.

Q4:Please advice the drain connection.
A4:Please kindly check the attached introduction for the structure and connections details. With the auto-clean  device,the ESP can operate maintenance-free for along time,thus your time,cost and trouble of frequent manual
cleaning can be saved.

A5: You can install our product inside your kitchen,shown in the attached image.For installation,you can
 some kind of ventilation engineering companywho is specialized in ventilation installation and knows well the local law about kitchen air filter's installation.You can get answers or advices from this ventilation engineering company about how to install our product with permission of the law

Q6:Whether there is blanking plate?
A6:Enclosed pls kindly find attached flange image.A blanking plate will be added between the flanges.Otherwise,the total air leakage factor of the whole ESP system is about 15%.With trials and researches carried by our professional technicians,the air leakage factor is reliable and workable for purification efficiency as well as running.

Q7:All product certifications&other marketing materials.
A7:The certificates are show in the catalogue(refer to Catering Catalogue Page 17&18).The most requested certificate(CE)is attached.Our ESP gets 33patents,and the design is unique.There are many videos which can help your marketing.They shows the company image,scale,technical;efficiency of
filter and some maintenance of the products.

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