High voltage transformers for electric grid traps bug zapper in indoor, outdoor, deck, porch, kitchen,garage

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DERNFU company is a professional design and manufacter for high voltage transformers in China,our factory in China mainland, total about 200-300 employees, the biggest factory of high voltage transformers in China.
Oil-filled high-voltage transformer,Ignition high voltage transformer,Medical high-voltage transformer,High-octane (High energy) ion high-voltage transformer,Welder machine high-voltage transformer ,Electroscope high voltage transformer,Eliminate static high-voltage transformers, static handling equipment high voltage transformers, static eliminator high voltage transformers, electrostatic spraying equipment high voltage transformer;Fume purification (Cleaning lampblack) high-voltage transformer,Pressure test high voltage transformer,Insecticidal mosquito high voltage transformer (insecticidal mosquito step-up voltage transformer),Negative ion high-voltage transformers,Ion blower high voltage transformers ;Ozone generator high voltage transformer,Pulse ignition high voltage transformers, pulse ignition coil;Insulation test voltage transformer;HID xenon lamp high voltage transformer(HID Xenon lights high-voltage transformer),Slim HID high-voltage transformer; thick square section HID high voltage transformer; integrated HID ignition coil;etc.
High voltage tranformers application: hHigh voltage ignition, remove static electricity, insecticide, kill mosquito ,kill rats (mouse), HID xenon lamp, negative ions, ozone generator, pulse ignition, pressure test, widely used in air purification, static equipment, sterilization equipment, medical equipment, mining machinery, and other fields.
Any inquiry please proivde transformers engineering drawing (or samples, specification )to me, my engineering department should know its figue, dimension,parameter ,datasheet, purchasing schedule and target price.
More my company information, please visit website:www(.)dernfu.com;  my email: david(@)dernfu.com; sales-dernfu.com, Mobile phone number:86-(0)13825752157; Wechat:13825752157.Expect your more news.


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