Долговечное супергидрофобное покрытие для стекла KISHO nano, доступно OEM

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Product Overview


Glass Coating


Main Component: Alkoxysilane film

Manufacture: 100% made in Japan for direct sale by manufacturer

Coating Type: One part type, hydrophobic

Applications: For car and motorcycle body, polyurethane parts, wheels

OEM: Available




Product Description

Durable KISHO nano superhydrophobic glass coating , OEM available

1) Unparalleled luster (3D matrix structure)
2) Absolute protection against soiling (nano tech, hydrophobic/water-repelling, durable)
3) Incredibly long-lasting (5 year warranty)
♦Quick and easy application can be done by anyone. 
  This revolutionary high-performance glass coating developed by 

  a Japanese manufacturer is guaranteed to impress 


<Comparison Test>
We compared our product under similar conditions with

similar products from all over Japan and the world.

Partnering with major automobile dealers we have conducted tests using real cars

under all kinds of weather conditions.



<Application Demonstration>
Obviously our glass coating looks great when applied to

already beautiful high-end cars like Mercdes Benz, Porsche or Ferrari.

Using cars like this to demonstrate our product is not really useful.

That's why we think it's important to demonstrate our product on cars that are in

poor condition to show how great these cars can look,

and how durable the finish will be.


<Application Method>
Unparalleled performance is a key component of our product,

but just as important is how fast and easily it can be applied.


MOVIE URL://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8UD0mbBIog


<Test Results>
Our product has been tested by the Japan Paint Inspection and

Testing Association and results show the highest level of performance in

all areas of application.


<Customer Feedback>

Feedback from some of Japan's most influential professional organizations tells us

that our product is number one among similar coatings.




Company Information

About us


As an ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) company performing design,

development and manufacturing in-house,

we have been manufacturing automotive chemicals on an OEM basis for

the major car makers for half a century based on joint research with

Japan's top chemical company and other experts. (For car and motorcycle makers)




We work closely with engineers and experts as well as major automobile dealers to

develop all kinds of innovative products, constantly conducting tests on a massive

scale using a variety of car bodies from the world's car manufacturers under in

all kinds of weather conditions from as low as -40°C.



We bring new products that have been developed under the most rigorous

supervision to trade shows overseas.




<KISHO's Strengths>
1) Diversified fulfillment from samples to OEM
As an ODM/OEM maker we can fulfill all kinds of orders from sample kits to

large lot orders, even packaging.


2) Extensive knowledge and experience
Kisho has been engaged in OEM for major automobile makers for

almost half a century, and has also been a provider of technological guidance for

leading professional organizations.

We can handle a wide variety of needs by exploiting this know-how.



3) Made in Japan, made to impress
Through our work with the major auto manufacturers,

Kisho has won the broad support over many years of our customers in Japan,

said to be the most demanding in the world.

We are very proud of this fact, and certain that our products will impress customers worldwide.


<About the Company>
- Established in 1965
- Almost 50 years as automobile industry OEM
- Partner with Japan's number one chemical engineering company
- Providing technical guidance for specialty shops
- Establishing overseas offices, seeking and developing sales agencies,

  participating in trade shows


<Samples and Packaging>
Please contact us with any inquiries.


<Payment Method>
Advance payment in full payment by L/C and T/T, PayPal cash advance

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