100% Pure Jojoba Oil Refined (50002686388)

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100% Pure Jojoba Oil Refined 


The Jojoba Plant Is Original Of The Sonogram Desert. From Its Beans, a Golden Odorless, Non-Allergic Liquid Wax Is Produced That Is Known As Jojoba Oil. It Is Then Refined And Decolorized To Afford An Oil That Has Minimal Color And Odor.Jojoba Oil Clearv  Is Very Similar In Composition to the human natural skin oils It is an excellent moisturizer and is ideal for all skin type without promoting acne or any other skin problems.Jojoba is a bush that it's source is from the desert, therefore jojoba doesn't need a lot of water. The high of the jojoba is between 1 meter to 2 meter and its leaves are very dense. The fertilization is being maid by the wind. The jojoba fruit is similar to an acorn and it's length is 1-2 cm, inside the fruit you can find a seed that it's color is dark brown, the seed is hard and it contains more than 51% of oil. Jojoba seed oil is unique because it contains long chains of esters without triglycerides that changes the oil into liquid wax that is similar in it's composition to the fat's skin, therefore the jojoba oil can penetrate easily to the skin porousness and this is the reason why jojoba oil fits the  cosmetic industry.


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Product NameJojoba Oil
Botanical NameSimmondsia chinensis
Part UsedSeed
Extraction Method  Cold Pressed
Odour  Golden



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Sri Venkatesh Aromas is a company well-known for its capabilities to meet the increasing demands for natural essential oils. Honoring our intrinsic connection with nature, we are a team of dedicated and experienced oil specialists who are willing to promote a lifestyle of wellness and vitality by providing 100% pure oils. Our collection of essential oils is rigorously monitored and tested throughout the distillation process to ensure the highest quality products. We only source from the finest farms that promote sustainable and ethical operations.

Classification of Our Products
We are committed to offering the highest quality, therapeutic-grade, 100% natural botanicals & innovative range of Essential oils, Aromatherapy products. Our range of products includes:

  • NOP Certified Organic Essential Oils
  • Floral Absolutes & Waxes
  • Spice/ Herbs Extracts
  • Mint Oils
  • Carrier Oils
  • Aromatherapy Blends

Batches of Our Purity & Ethics
ISO Certified Company: ISO stands for The International Organization for Standardization which ensures that the company provides world-class standards and specifications for products, services and systems.

GMP Certification: Good manufacturing practice covers all aspects of production; starting from materials, premises and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff.
Govt. of India Recognized Export House Certification: This certification ensures that we adhere to all foreign trade policies formulated by the government relating to commercial relations, state trading, and export promotion measures.

KLBD Certification: KLBD is a seal of approval, this team comprises of world-class technical experts who are qualified in chemistry and food technology, in addition to a skilled team of production and commercial consultants. They provide quality assurance.
Sri Venketesh Aromas works on the solid foundation of sustainability, we consider ourselves ecologically responsible for maintaining the standards of nature by extracting the essential oil in purest manner possible.

How We Define Quality of Organic Products

  • Quality of Ingredients: Natural & non- toxic – hygienically procured, extracted, distilled and produced, organically tested and approved
  • Benefits of the Organic Essential Oils: Extremely potent, improve immunity and speed illness recovery, deals with infection and any many medical problems
  • Products That Live up to Their Claims: Our high-quality oils are produced without chemicals and come from organic plants that grow in their natural environment and growing region, so, they are not altered or adulterated in any way.

We provide unrivalled packaging and labelling of our organic essential oils in various containers and bottles of attractive shapes and sizes which ensures that potency of our products. We make sure that all the information about the products is accurately labelled which makes it easier for the buyer to differentiate between variety of essential oils. We source good quality material for packaging only from certified vendors who follow the industry's strict guidelines and adhere to the quality standards.

Distribution Services
Through our impeccable distribution services, we ensure that our organic essential oils are delivered to the clients within the specified time limit. We have been able to reach to the new markets and have established a direct channel of communication with our consumers. Our inventory is equipped with newest tools and equipment to hygienically pack our products and distribute the same to our channel partners for timely delivery all over the world.
Best Place for Seekers of Organic Essential Oils

If you are searching essential oils for therapeutic use, the most crucial thing that needs to be considered is that are they extracted from organically grown crops because essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences and effect of any pesticide residue in the oil can lead to harmful effects. We being organic certified company ensures that you get 100% pure essential oils at the best rates in the industry. Our essential oils are derived from plants that have been grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. It has been scientifically proven that oils produced from organic agriculture are more therapeutically active than their non-organic counterparts. To meet the high standards of quality, we make sure that each of our organic essential oil is tested and certified. Our guiding principles are sustainability and stewardship of natural resources, we are committed to purity.

Use of essential oils is an age-old method and even the Ayurveda recommends most of them for various medical treatments which includes arthritis, liver problems, sinus etc. Our unprecedented range of products that impeccably blends purity and botanical essences which soothes, enliven and balance both body and mind. You will discover rich therapeutic properties that cannot be found elsewhere. From floral absolutes & waxes to traditional Indian attars, we have it all.

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