Japanese top of kefir Healthy and Nutritious kefir yogurt probiotic ( kefir starter culture ) with Natural made in Japan

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Product Description

Healthy and Nutritious kefir yogurt probiotic ( kefir starter culture ) with Natural made in Japan


Are you still drinking the "normal yogurt"?

Taste better!! HOME MADE Kefir Yogurt. lactobacillus & yeast

It's originally produced in the Caucasus of Russia, one of the three major areas of the longevity in the world.

Our kefir improves the environment inside the intestine, balance the probiotics and harmful germs.

Necessary Item for Beauty.‘Lactobacillus + ‘Yeast 4kinds Lacto- bacillus,3kinds yeast

Start now before others do it



Eating yogurt is enough for you?? I dont think so!!

The point is HOW MANY KINDS??

The normal fermentation milk is fermented with one to two kinds of lactobacillus while our kefir is fermented with four kinds of lactobacillus and three kinds of yeasts.

normal yogurt  1-2 kinds, 4kinds lactobacillus, 3kinds yeast


Yeast is Great

You must consider the sugariness if you don't want to get fat especially around the waist.

Yeast use sugar as their special foods and break down internal sugariness, which are the most important materials that contribute to the breakdown of sugariness in your body.break down sugariness.

For beauty skin, health and diet.Good Digestive System Inner Intestine Environment.


Original Kefir is a good assistant to promote your digestive system, clean your intestines and stomach, and improve your inner abdomen environment.

It is impossible that you want to buy the product in supermarkets directly, because lactobacillus and yeast are alive.

The supermarket is unable to sell such good fermented food due to the containment of a large amount of "yeasts" in the product. "Yeast" will produce carbon dioxide while fermenting. If the viable yeast is bottled and sealed without any procession, the container will be swelled and cracked. Russian, the place of original, usually punches a hole on the bottle and sells. But it is not allowed to make holes on the package of the rancid milk in Japan, so they are not available in Japan's supermarkets.


Novel prize winner thinks kefir is  Great

Russian biologist Metchnikoff, novel prize winner, refer to kefir in his monograph.

“Kefir stimulates peristalsis and digestive juices in the intestinal tract” Kefir can make inner environment clean.

kefir starter Kefir Grain






Kefir makes beauty.Women in Russia, which is the origin of Kefir, are with snow-white skin as they eat kefir every day.

Kefir is very precious and rare, it's made from the combined and balanced fermentation of lactobacillus and yeast. In Russia, the hometown of fermented milk, people eat kefir almost every day for their health and beauty. Kefir has the biggest share in the market of fermented milk instead of yogurt. People say that reason why Russian women has white and beauty skin is because they eat kefir. Your abdominal environment


OK with one nutritious food?

Managing the intestinal environment and taking health as your goal can attain the effect of skin care cosmetics!

This is KEFIR.Normal Yogurt,ORIGINAL KEFIR


Beauty Patent 

The Kefir fermented milk, which is specially gained through the cosmetic patent, has the function of whitening, and it can prevent the emergence of wrinkles and polish up the wrinkles. To use it for the increase of the elastic force of the skin and the food for the moisturizing of the skin (Number:5048246)



From Russia

the authentic kefir as the raw material in accordance with the contract signed by the Russian National Organization.

Russian National Organization.

With the study and development in passing 30 years, NKG kefir has gained the first place in Japan. NKG kefir has the patents of whitening, moisturizing, decreasing the wrinkles and inhibiting the precipitation of the pigments caused by the ultraviolet rays!



Enjoy live kefir at home easily.

How to make kefir.suggested milk for kefir. Milk,Low fat milk,Processed milk,Soy milk,Processed soy milk

Pour 1 pack of original kefir into 500ml milk and shake it up and down about 10 to 15 times. ( 2 packs for 1L milk)

POINT! Mix well, or it cant be made.

For fermantation , leave it for 24 to 36 hours in around 25℃. If its under 25℃, we will suggest you to use kefir wamer, which is specific tool for fermentation.

POINT!Don’t mix nor shake until its surface is curdlesed.

If the surface get rigid, its done. Put it in refrigerator, eat it with some fruits or honey.

POINT!Kefir is not as soft as normal yogurt.



Product Overviews



32g [ 2.0g X 16sticks ] 
 Ingredients kefir powder



Energy 8.80kcal , protein 0.36g , fat 0.25g , carbohydrates 1.27g , sodium 4.24mg






W18.8cm X D2.0cm X H16.6cm




Pieces per





W0.43m X D0.32m X H0.30m





Company Information



NKG kefir is made from legitimate kefir grain , whose origin is Caucasus, Russia. Our company has exclusive contract with Russian public corporation for selling kefir product in Japan since 1983. Nihon Kefia has research data the most in the world. Its research is still going by Kyusyu Univ, Oita Univ, and so on. Our product is manufactured only in Japan. We have a lot of experience of manufacturing for more than 30 years.NKG Kefir is safe and trustable Brand.

C.E.O.Koichiro Tokumaru

Company place [HQ Office] 13-16 Asahi-cho, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 251-0054, Japan

[Tokyo Office] 7F naruse BLD, 3-18-7 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan




Patent  Company`s philosophy “Providing happiness through Kefir”

To Achieve our philosopy, we have been doing research and development. As a result, we got following patens so far.

patent number  claim

NO,3519749 Medicine for increasing production of IFN. NO,3572306

A food constituent which contains NATTOU kinase, and foodstuffs of a fermentation product which consists of a kefir grain.

NO,3813808 A manufacturing method of a diabetes-mellitus treating agent which contains a kefir extract

NO,3935490 A manufacturing method of a soybean milk kefir

NO,4252460 Kefir whey to manufacture a fraction for skin external preparation compositions. 

NO,4338935A manufacturing method of an anti-oxidant using a kefir An organization repairing agent which has the DNA repair operation

NO,4557231How to manufacture a noninsulin-dependent-diabetes-mellitus treating agent containing a kefir extract.manufacturing method of an anti obesity agent including a process of obtaining a kefir extract.

NO,5048246Object for whitening which contains kefir bacillus fermented milk, a wrinkle and an object for prevention / improvement of sag, an object for skin elastic improvement, or an oral administration constituent for skin moisturization. An anti-oxidant obtained from a kefir

patent number  claim

ZL 03 8 048992.2 Kefir whey to manufacture a fraction for skin external preparation compositions. 

ZL 2004 8 0024427.X Object for whitening which contains kefir bacillus fermented milk, a wrinkle and an object for prevention / improvement of sag, an object for skin elastic improvement, or an oral administration constituent for skin moisturization.


Research Institution We have been conducting a collaborative research with universities that represented of a country.

Graduate school of Kyusyu University,Hiroshima University,Oita University,Nihon University,Kinki University




A lot of media in Japan are introducing our product

The great response on television,News paper, Magazine


OEM Service



Health Ingredients Japan 2015

We can provide OEM product which the customer will ask and need. It could be any types.

Example: supplement (tablet, capsule) , Food (sweets, drinks and jelly shape) and Cosmetics. Please feel free to ask what you want. Tablet and capsule  Drink  Powder  Sweets&Jelly  Cosmetics


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Please ask for samples,price list,shipping rate, payment methods,and other requests.


Our term of payment methods isT/T or PayPal 100% in advance.


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