Body massage gel, Heat massage gel, Body slimming gel

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Product Overview


What is Dr. PPC ?

 : Low-irritation Heat Massage Gel that is can easily apply the gel to make a smooth, elastic, healthy body.


- Allows users to enjoy full body massage with safe heat massage

- An easily applicable gel-type one-stop system full of thermal steam and collagen that cares after your body

- Its unique property of the popping up of thermal steam occurs for more than thirty minutes

  due to the combined effect of PPC and carnitine, which makes your skin healthy.

  It also helps in making your body firm and healthy as it prevents the skin from drying up

  and boosts the skin’s elasticity. (Phosphatidylcholinecarnitine)








- What is PPC?


 Phospholipid, vegetable protein which is extracted from soybean lecithin, is excellent component for body care. This natural enzyme is widely used for premium body balance care.





<How to use>


1. Before using Dr. PPC, use warm water to cleanse the part of the skin where you intend to apply the gel.


2. Squeeze out an appropriate amount of the gel for each body part and evenly apply over desired parts. Apply 1/2~1/3 of the product per part onto the skin.   


3. Massage the skin for about 10 seconds and wait for the product to become well absorbed. (Slight reddening of the skin or heat sensation after using the product are phenomena occurring when the body’s temperature increases as it reacts to the product’s ingredients. The feeling will return to normal as time elapses.)      


4. Dr. PPC is a product that can be used safely at any time of the day without affecting daily life. (Drinking fluids, such as cold water or herbal tea, after using Dr. PPC is helpful for rehydrating the body.)  







- Keeping your body healthy, smooth and elastic

- Core component which cares your desired site intensively

- Low irritation easy body care

- Moisturizing ingredient makes even your finish step moist


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