Nutritious and Healthy cure of high blood pressure tablets ( Natto kinase supplement ) for daily use , made in Japan

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Nutritious and Healthy cure of high blood pressure tablets ( Natto kinase supplement ) for daily use , made in Japan


Golden conbination 

for protection against blood problem Nattokinase+Kefir patented product (3tablets×40packs)


If you are in these kinds of situation, be careful

started gain weight because of insufficient exercise

too much meat & too little fish

smoke too much





You might have.....

Blood problem might be mussy and dirty

The possibility of stroke and myocardial infarction is probably high.

We made great supplement which enables you to feel the effect. The formula is base on experiment.





Natto kinase 2500FU

"Natto", the Japanese traditional fermented food, is famous all over the world. The sticky part of natto is exactly the "nattokinase". The nattokinase is a protease and can resolve fibrin which is the main component of thrombus.

2500FU Natto kinase

The recommend quantity of daily intake is 2000 FU by Japanese Association of Natto Kinase, Japanese Health and Nutrition association. However, our product contains 2500FU per day whose quantity is more than the recommended quantity per day by 500FU.

Polyamine 100µg

The amount of polyamine, which has an obvious effect in preventing arteriosclerosis, is getting lower and lower in our body with the growth of the age. The polyamine cannot be produced inside the body naturally and can only be supplied with food. Our product contains polyamine, which is approximately equal to 1000g natto (about 20 packs).

take out Vitamine K2

[Vitamin K2], which is a component of blood coagulation promotion, coexists with warfarin, but also contradicts with it. Therefore, Vitamin K2 can be eliminated directly. Furthermore, purine bodies contained with natto is eliminated effectively as well, so it is safe for wide consumers to eat.



Kefir Lactbacillus & Yeast

This pretty rare fermented milk is originally produced in Caucasus, Russia, one of the three major places for longevity. Various kinds of lactobacillus are fermented together with yeast so that kefir has many kinds of good effect. With the study and development in passing 30 years, the excellent patent-held NKG kefir has gained the first place in Japan.



Why Kefir?

The suppression of endotoxin (intestinal endotoxin)

The balance of beneficial bacteria and bad bacteria in the intestine has been devastated by ages. As a result, the endotoxin (intestinal endotoxin) is produced in the body. Toxins can accelerate the condensation of blood platelet and the formation of thrombus, as well as induce vasculitis and so on. The increase of intestinal toxins will highly increase the risk of thrombus. According to the long-time research, Kefir can restrain the production of internal toxins.

The improvement of blood flow

The restrain of internal toxins, the condensation of blood platelet, the acceleration of dysmorphic RBC and others are all anticipated functions of Kefir. Improving intra-abdominal environment, cleaning intestines and stomach have profound influences on health.


Patented product

"Healthy food containing nattokinase and fermented milk"  (Patent No:3572306)

Being free of the bad smell of natto; absorbing nutrient from natto and the fermentation of other milk products easily and simply; regulating intestinal tract, enhancing immunity and recovering, resistance to swollen sores from using products of milk fermentation; and the complementary combination of the nattokinase from natto which is the guarantee of curing and prevention of thrombosis are all worth expectation for their effect of health care.






Red-Wine Polyphenol

Red wine polyphenols contained in red wine is the aggregation of procyanidine, anthocyanidin and resveratrol, etc. The recent research data suggests that red wine polyphenol is used to prevent the acidification of the cholesterol and arteriosclerosis as well as to get vascular improvement and so on, which is the most effective constituent to keep fit.


The acidification of the acidulated LDL generates inhibitors

Because of active acid, thus it is called the LDL (Bad Cholesterol) which is detained at the endangium, and this will hinder the flow of blood. The red wine polyphenol has the function of preventing the LDL's acidization of the cholesterol arteriosclerosis inside the body, and will be more effective as the cholesterol arteriosclerosis content increases (as the research data suggests).

The vasodilator substance NO releases [resveratrol]

A kind of polyphenols, which can make the vascular endothelial cells with action, making Vascular NO increase. Moreover, it plays a direct role in the smooth muscles of vascular, and its effect of hemangiectasis has also been studied and published.



VitaminB (B6,B9,B12)

The essential vitamins to live a healthy and happy life is B6,B9 (folic acid) and B12. If the aminothiopropionic acid value in the blood is high, the risks of suffering from thrombosis will increase accordingly. The most famous effect of B6, folic acid and B12 is to decrease the content of aminothiopropionic acid in your body. These three kinds of vitamins are added in it respectively according to the recommended acceptable intake.



prevent arteriosclerosis

Rejuvenate blood vessels  Natto kinase

Against LDL, Producing NO Red-Wine polyphenol

improving blood flow

Condensation platelet in hibition Natto kinase Kefir, Polyphenol

Inprover of deforma- bility of erythrocyte Kefir,Polyphenol VitaminB6,B9,B12

prevent thrombosis  Thrombolysis  Natto Kinase

Suppression of endotoxin  Kefir

Prevention of stroke and myocardial infarction



Product Overviews



39.6g [ 330mg X 120tablets ]
 Ingredients Kefir powder, nattokinase (containing nattokinase), reduction of maltose, maltose, vegetable oil, red wine extract powder (containing resveratrol), soy extract (soy and citric acid), coagulans, microcrystalline cellulose, V.B.12, V.B.6, folic acid, (part of the raw materials including breasts)



(6grain 0.99g per)

Energy 4.17kcal , protein 0.11g , fat 0.08g , carbohydrates 0.75g , sodium 2.62mg






W12.5cm X D9.8cm X H7.3cm




Pieces per





W0.335m X D0.515m X H0.39m





Company Information



NKG kefir is made from legitimate kefir grain , whose origin is Caucasus, Russia. Our company has exclusive contract with Russian public corporation for selling kefir product in Japan since 1983. Nihon Kefia has research data the most in the world. Its research is still going by Kyusyu Univ, Oita Univ, and so on. Our product is manufactured only in Japan. We have a lot of experience of manufacturing for more than 30 years.NKG Kefir is safe and trustable Brand.

C.E.O.Koichiro Tokumaru

Company place [HQ Office] 13-16 Asahi-cho, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 251-0054, Japan

[Tokyo Office] 7F naruse BLD, 3-18-7 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan




Patent  Company`s philosophy “Providing happiness through Kefir”

To Achieve our philosopy, we have been doing research and development. As a result, we got following patens so far.

patent number  claim

NO,3519749 Medicine for increasing production of IFN. NO,3572306

A food constituent which contains NATTOU kinase, and foodstuffs of a fermentation product which consists of a kefir grain.

NO,3813808 A manufacturing method of a diabetes-mellitus treating agent which contains a kefir extract

NO,3935490 A manufacturing method of a soybean milk kefir

NO,4252460 Kefir whey to manufacture a fraction for skin external preparation compositions. 

NO,4338935A manufacturing method of an anti-oxidant using a kefir An organization repairing agent which has the DNA repair operation

NO,4557231How to manufacture a noninsulin-dependent-diabetes-mellitus treating agent containing a kefir extract.manufacturing method of an anti obesity agent including a process of obtaining a kefir extract.

NO,5048246Object for whitening which contains kefir bacillus fermented milk, a wrinkle and an object for prevention / improvement of sag, an object for skin elastic improvement, or an oral administration constituent for skin moisturization. An anti-oxidant obtained from a kefir

patent number  claim

ZL 03 8 048992.2 Kefir whey to manufacture a fraction for skin external preparation compositions. 

ZL 2004 8 0024427.X Object for whitening which contains kefir bacillus fermented milk, a wrinkle and an object for prevention / improvement of sag, an object for skin elastic improvement, or an oral administration constituent for skin moisturization.


Research Institution We have been conducting a collaborative research with universities that represented of a country.

Graduate school of Kyusyu University,Hiroshima University,Oita University,Nihon University,Kinki University




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The great response on television,News paper, Magazine


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