Emasculator Bull Castrator 16 Inches

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  Emasculator Bull Castrator 16 Inches.


Product Detailed Specification:



PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:  All size , shapes and model are available 


MATERIAL:   High Quality Stainless Steel rust free


QUALITY:   German grade quality reusable.




Veterinary Reimer Castration Emasculator 12.5 Inches


Serra Emasculator 14 Inches


Packaging & Shipping

We offer customized packing as per customer demands.

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 We do worldwide shipping by express couriers and sea/air cargos.
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Our Services

 We "Best Care International" We produce all types of bellow category instruments & export to all over the world.
Surgical Instruments
Dental Instruments
ENT Instruments
Ophthalmic Instruments
Orthopedic Instruments
Maxillofacial Instruments
Veterinary Instruments
Beauty Care/Manicure Instruments
Foot & Ankle Surgery Instruments
Spine Instruments

Including All types of Surgery Sets stainless steel

We use German Stainless Steel for all our instruments, we offer 10 years shelf life warranty of all our instruments.

We offer Free replacement within a week in case of any quality complain.

Customer Brand Name or Logo we offer to all our customers, By this our customer can resell easily our instruments under their own brand name.

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Company Information

 Best Care International is a professional manufacturing company, which is producing high quality German grade stainless steel instruments since 1991 and serving world wide famous brands Companies, Hospitals,Clinics,Doctors,Distributors and wholesalers.


Best Quality with very resasonable price offer and most imporant is "In Time Delivery" are our main policies and goals.Our thousands of customers really enjoying their business with us by reselling our instruments/by using our instruments.


"Foreigner Instruments" is our sister company to complete the demands of a lot world wide buyers .


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 International Exhibitions

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 We warmly welcome to all our clients to get in touch with us for any inquiry or question related to us.

We are always here to serve our clients 24/7.


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Payment Method






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