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0.jpgskimmed milk powder/Full Cream Whole Milk Powder

Yogurt Powder / Ice Cream Powder

full cream milk powder specification

chemical results:              results:
moisture (%)                      3.9
milk fat ((%)                      26
ash (%)                             7.0
protein (dry basis %)         100
lactose (%)                      55.2
udwpn (mg/g)                 2.4
insolubility index (ml)      1.0
acidity (%)                        0.10
bulk density (g/ml)          0.685
scorched particles standard a
ph (50 g/l water at 20 degrees c) 6.59
micro results:                    results:
antibiotics                           negative
phosphatase (ug/ml)           < 6
salmonella (per 375 g)         not detected
coliforms (per 0.1g @ 30 degrees c) absent
standard plate count                      < 5,000
moulds (per g)                                 < 10
yeast (per g)                                   < 10
thermophilic bacteria (per g)            150
thermophilic spores (per g)              < 10
mesophilic spores (per g)                    60
thermoduric bacteria (per g)                250


Commodities Trading Area Services offered below.
Full cream milk powder
Instant Full Cream Whole Milk Powder
Skim milk powder
Unskimmed Milk powder
Whole milk powder
Fat Filled Milk Powder
Sweet Whey Powder
Instant Milk Powder
Drinking Milk Powder
Organic Milk Powder
Fat Filled Milk Powder
Liquid Milk
Goat Milk Powder
Whey Powder
Milk Permeate Powder
Butter Milk Powder
Instant full cream milk powder
Instant skimmed milk powder
Instant banana milk powder
Instant strawberry milk powder
Instant chocolate milk powder
Instant yogurt powder!

Our Specification of Skimmed Milk Powder is as under:

Milk Fat : Max 1.25 %
Moisture : Max 4.00 %
Protein : Approx. 35 %
Minerals : Max 8.00 %
Titrable Acidity : Max .015 %
WPNI : 1.51-5.99mg/gm
Plate Count : Max 25,000/gm
Coilform,Salmonella, Yeast, Staphylococci : Absent

Our Specification of Instant Full Cream Milk Powder/Liquid is as under:
Milk Fat : Max 26 %
Moisture : Max 4.00 %
Protein : Approx. 25 %
Minerals : Max 8.00 %
Titrable Acidity : Max .015 %
WPNI : 1.51-5.99mg/gm
Plate Count : Max 25,000/gm
Coilform,Salmonella, Yeast, Staphylococci : Absent

2. Packaging information:
25 kg paper bags with PE lining inside
Number of cabags on pallet: 32 bags
Net weight per pallet: 800 kg 
Pallet size: euro pallet, 120 x 80 cm

3.Storage terms and conditions:
In clean and airy places at relative humidity up to 70 % away from direct sunlight, at temperature not more than 70 C.

4.Usage directions (for 100 g product) :
Pour the product (100 grams) in a suitable container and add to it
500 ml lukewarm water (30C) Pour the ready solution into a bowl containing 500 ml hot (but not boiling)
water (60C). The product is not suitable as food for babies under 12 months of age.




N.W: 5kg*2 bag/CTN


Qty/40’FCL    2050CTN

Qty/40’HQ    2310CTN


Inner   Aluminium foil bag

Outer   Carton box

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