White Refined Fined Cane Sugar Wholesale

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ommodity: white refined sugar icumsa 45.

specifications: white refined sugar icumsa 45.

Origin: Brazil.
fit for human consumption.
polarization: 99,80 % minimum
moisture: 00. 04% maximum
sulphateash content: 00. 04% maximum
granulation: medium to fine
solubility: 100% dry and free flowing
radiation: normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine, certified
color: sparkling white. 
maximum, 45 icumsa

Ash content : 0.04% Max
sediment: none
smell: free of any odor
crop: 2015 and older proceeding
reducing sugar: 0. 05% maximum by weight
so2: 20 ppm maximum
substance: solid, crystal
magnetic particles: mg/kg maximum 
max as: 1 ppm
max ps: 2 ppm
max cu: 3 ppm
hpn staph aureus: nil

free from: molj), unnatural odors , chemicals and insects poisonous: phytosanitary certificate seed/husks:of no radiation,
no virus, insect parts, no poisonous matter and non genetic and is suitable for human consumption
available grade: grade “A”.


1-25kg Bag.

2-50kg Bag. 

0.0111 s.