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A salt formed by thousands of years of fossilisation

Unlike sea salt which is extracted from salt ponds, Persian blue salt is a salt fossile or gem, whose crystals were formed 100 million years ago in the precambrian seas. This sapphire blue salt formed as inland seas and lakes evaporated. This Persian blue salt existed a hundred million years ago along with species which disappeared at the time of the extinction of the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous period due to an asteroid, a volcanic eruption or the retreat of the oceans: large marine and flying reptiles, the ammonites (ancestors of the nautilus) and dinosaurs.

The blue colour of this Iranian salt comes from sylvinite, a potassium mineral, only present in the halite salts. They are normally pink and the blue colour is extremely rare. Persian blue salt is extracted from the mountains of the Semnan province in Northern Iran and more specifically in the Ergourz mountain range.      



Persian Blue Salt Best For Health


This unique salt harvested from an ancient salt lake in Iran is extremely mineral rich and slightly sweet. Its blue color comes not from mineral content, but from the natural compression of the salt's structure over the millennia. The same beautiful effect is seen in blue glacial ice, where the molecular structure has been compressed to the point that it begins to refract light differently.

While aesthetically exciting, as one of the rarest salts in the world, this salt may not be worth the price tag if you're just shopping for health benefits.




How to use your Persian blue salt

Some say that it reduces the acidity of food due to its strong, almost lemony notes. It’s a very dry salt so it can easily to be used in your salt mill! This beautiful Iranian blue salt is used as rock salt or ground to enhance fish “en papillote”, tomato salads, gazpacho, home-made tomato sauce, and a wide range of your daily dishes … Grind them in your salt mill or crack them roughly with a pestle and mortar, or simply use them to decorate your dishes.

Technical data

Product Description: Persian salt is mined from the ancient sea salt deposits in Semnan (Iran).
Origin: Iran.
Ingredients: 100% Persian Blue Salt.
Appearance and odor: Colour varies from white to dark blue granular crystals and odorless.
Applications: This salt is intended for culinary use including cooking, baking, direct application, and food manufacturing. Also used in health and beauty applications.
Allergens: This salt does not contain any known allergens or specific components. Gluten free.
Additives: Does not contain any additives.


About the product

·         One of the rarest salts on earth, this beautiful crystal salt mined from deep within ancient sea beds in the mountains of old Persia- now Iran.

·         A very clean, initial;;y sharp salty flavor evolves into a softer pure salt flavor that enhances food dramatically

·         Sprinkled with sapphire blue crystals, an optical illusion of the minerals within the salt crystal

·         Beautiful in a small dish at the table- sure to bring comments

·         Blue Persian salt is especially appreciated on fresh veggies and fruits where a salty profile brings out distinct flavor


Nutritions facts | Typical values per 100g


2.592 KJ


(626 KCAL)



(of which saturates)




(of which sugars)







Pistachios in shell (98,7%), Persian blue salt (1,3%)

How to use Blue Salt

A natural rock salt, initially comes over as a strong salt, but almost immediately becomes milder, leaving a subtle and  complex taste with a mild sweetness, enhances all dishes.   Best used as a finishing salt, sprinkled on top of dishes just before serving to enhance both flavor and appearance. Delicious with fois gras, truffle dishes, seafood, meat dishes. or as a drink rimmer.

Health benefits Of Blue Salt

This salt has a high potassium content, which helps the body regulate water balance, levels of acidity and blood pressure. Rich also in iron and calcium.

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400g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg PE&PET complex plastic bag; & Standup Bouble Zipper Pouch
250g, 400g, 450g, 500g, 750g cardboard jars, plastic tank;
10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 50kg woven bag with PE inside, kraft bag;

Standard Export Cartons, Custom Demanded packing, Pallets and containers, Colored Boxes
or according to customer's request.

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