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Spicy; characteristic fragrance of ginger
Smooth, slick and stretch (ginger grown for more than 9 months)
100g up, 150 up or 200g up
- Small Packing: 1Kg/Bag/5Kg/8Kg/10Kg Carton Box
- According to customer’s requirements
Cao Bang, Vietnam  
Organic EU, USDA, JAS

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The main growth area for our products is in Cao Bang with an available acreage of over 500 hectares. Here we cooperate with local farmers and with the support of local authorities, we invest in building the agricultural value chain of organic and conventional spices. The Ha Quang district in the Cao Bang province is low-income farming area. The chosen collaboration model, with the help from the local authorities, results in a benefit for all parties involved. 

Ginger is sourced from our growing region in Cao Bang, a mountainous province in the far north of Vietnam. It is grown in valleys at the foot of limestone mountains, where it is cultivated using organic farming techniques. The ginger grown here is more spicy and aromatic than ginger grown in other regions.

Our Company

On 9 September in 2013, DACE CO. LTD was established by its two
co-founders who each graduated from the Vietnam National University of Agriculture. DACE is a company aimed at the production, processing and marketing of organic spices (chili, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass and garlic)

We want to develop our business by offering a fair deal to all involved. At DACE we are an equal opportunity employer. In fact, both in the factory and in our office, more women than men are employed. We offer our farmers not only a good minimum price for their products and a plus if the margins are good, but we also give them technical support in the growing such as choosing the right variety, the choice of the right compost, best time for weeding and harvesting but we also support them in other matters such as the schooling of the children in the families.

Together with our farmers we have obtained the organic certifications for Europe, USA and Japan for the cultivation and the processing of ginger, turmeric, garlic, chili and lemongrass.

DACE's  products have been being exported to Europe, USA, Korea, Japan, Australia, Russia and the Middle East. We are working hard to increase the export for the benefit of our staff, farmers and our customers.

Our Certificate

Organic certificates: USDA organic, EU organic bio, JAS

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If you need further information, please contact us at any time for prompt support. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer.

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