Natural peridot round rose cut cab 6mm semi precious stone AAA quality loose gemstone for jewelry

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Product Description

Natural peridot round rose cut cab 6mm semi precious stone AAA quality loose gemstone for jewelry

Gemstone Size
6mm Approx
0.75 Cts Approx
Our Service

We make all the stones in our factory and make jewelry with handmade process in our silver workshop. We are able to do any change in stone as well as in design on request.

Our Company

Gemstone factory

Shilpi Impex is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of 925 sterling silver jewelry for the past 1998 year based in India with factories in Jaipur (Rajasthan). We are offering the best selling contemporary designs as well as the classic styles, all at the most competitive prices.

Our collections and designs vary from a wide range of styles, luxurious and affordable, but also perfect for today’s corporate-to-casual lifestyles, as well as the everyday basic items all in the most competitive prices

Silver factory

We produce a unique and quality product which is competitively priced, with the significant new technology. We provide best combination of quality, service and unique products. 

As a leading manufacturer of 925 sterling silver jewelry, we are capable of producing in few different methods, casting, stamping and tubing, filling, polishing, stone setting and the finishing that best suits the needs of our buyer.

Packing & Delivery

Q: How do I contact If I have questions about your Gemstones and Jewelry collections or the ordering process ?

Ans: We are happy to assist you with any questions you have. Please contact us by E-Mail

Q: How long does it take to receive an order ?

Ans: Normally we need about 2 weeks to prepare the custom orders & then it takes about 4-7 days on the way from Jaipur (India) to your city if we ship by UPS/Aramex/EMS.We ship stock goods immediately as i receive payment.

Q: Do you sell your products in wholesale?

Ans: Yes, we are happy to sell our product at wholesale prices. 


FLAT 10% DISCOUNT ON US$1001-US$2000 

FLAT 15% DISCOUNT ON US$2001-US$2500 


Q: What stones do you use to make jewelry or what is hydro quartz stone??

Ans: The hydro is short for the process of Hydrothermal Synthesis. This process has been performed by geologists, geochemists, and mineralogists since the beginning of the 20th century. It essentially is a man made, fast process of creating crystals that would take much longer to form in nature otherwise. To create these crystals, a substance or nutrient along with water is put into an Autoclave , or steel apparatus that can contain and withstand high vapor pressures and very hot temperatures. Usually one end of the autoclave is extremely hot while the other is cooler, creating the necessary environmental properties for the chemical reaction to spawn growth. Although most earrings we sell are made with natural gemstones, we also have a pair of earrings in the range of gemstones that are man-made or hydro quartz. The man-made gemstones are synthetic gemstones that are hand polished and hand-faceted. While known to me is man-made mentioned at the earrings. Synthetic or hydro quartz gemstones are made from natural ingredients and are crystallized in laboratories. This is done under high pressure at very high temperatures. There are materials from nature are used and the genesis of the laboratory completely mimics nature, the gems are not fake as is internationally determined. They have the same brilliance, durability and hardness as the stones from nature. Several synthetic gemstones are in our range. Opalite is a milky glass that was invented. Already in the 19th century Earlier this occurred in vases, lampshades etc. Nowadays it is used in jewelry and resembles opal. The brightly colored gemstones are almost always painted, so those are natural stones that have. A dye These stones are best stored in ziplock bags in the dark.

Q: Which type of plating is used on jewelry??

Ans: Plated, vermeil and gold-filled hooks and chains of our earrings are standard 16 carat gold plated metal (16k gold plate). Ie, a layer of copper which has been achieved. By a 16 carat gold bath It is, therefore, a layer which wears away more easily and the materials described below. Despite these hooks are of high quality, it may, in exceptional cases, a person allergic reaction to any of these materials. Or a high skin acidity can prevent the chains and ear hooks black discoloration. Vermeil: This is a 24 karat gold plating on sterling silver. This is a low, which is slightly thicker as with gold plate, but still can wear out, albeit much more slowly off. Gold Filled: This is usually an alloy of 14 carat gold with another metal. This is not life beautiful and so low that it can wear off.

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