Raw Beeswax/Bee Wax

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Product Name:Beeswax Yellow

Product Type:Beeswax
Color:Yellow Or Light Brown Pieces Of Finely Grained Matty Non Crystalline Fracture
Shelf Life:5 Years
Additives:No Additives. 100% Natural Beeswax From Beekeepers
Congealing Point:(ASTM D938)61-65°C

Acid Value:17– 22 (Mg KOH/G)

Ester Value:70 – 80 (Mg KOH/G)
Saponification Value:87 – 104 (Mg KOH/G)

Ratio:3.3 – 4.3
Ceresin, Paraffin, Certain Other Waxes Complies With Test Glycerol & Other Polyhydric Alcohols:Not More Than 0.5%


Purified And Bleached Beeswax Is Used In The Production Of Food, Cosmetics And Pharmaceuticals. The Three Main Types Of Beeswax Products Are: Yellow, White And Beeswax Absolute. Yellow Beeswax Is The Crude Product Obtained From The Honeycomb, White Beeswax Is Yellow Beeswax That Has Been Bleached And Beeswax Absolute Is Yellow Beeswax Treated With Alcohol.

In Food Preparation It Is Used As A Coating For Cheese; By Sealing Out The Air, Protection Is Given Against Ageing. Beeswax May Also Be Used As A Food Additive In Small Quantities Acting As A (Glazing Agent), Which Serves To Prevent Water Loss, Or Used To Provide Surface Protection For Some Fruits. Soft Gelatin Capsules And Tablet Coatings May Also See The Use Of Beeswax Is Also A Common Ingredient Of Natural Chewing Gum.

There Has Been A Growing Use Of Beeswax In Skin Care And Cosmetics. Beeswax Is Used In Lip Balm, Lip Gloss, Hand Creams And Moisturizers; And In Cosmetics Such As Eye Shadow, Blush And Eye Liner. Beeswax Is An Important Ingredient In Moustache Wax, As Well As In Hair Pomades, Which Make Hair Look Sleek And Shiny.

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