New Style Micklem Leather Horse bridle, High Quality Horse Micklem Leather bridle (50045701860)

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Micklem Bridles just what are the Benefits ?

Designed by  Micklem to fit the shape of the

 horse's skull.

The most comfortable, flexible and effective bridle ever invented !

 "The Rambo Micklem Bridle is a change for the better"

The Micklem bridle is designed from the inside out, from the shape of the skull itself, in order to avoid pressure on the five areas which consistently cause discomfort with traditional headwear.

  • A widened and padded headpiece gives no discomfort on the poll.

  • When looking at the skull of any horse the top jaw is considerably wider than the lower jaw and therefore protrudes, this means that tight or cranked up nosebands and traditional lunge cavessons can cause discomfort and damage to the sensitive tissue inside the mouth. The drop noseband shape and unique diagonal side pieces avoid any protruding molars and without any inward pressure.

  • Tight flash nosebands and lunge cavessons can put pressure on the main motor and sensory nerves that exit to the outside of the skull at the point just underneath the normal position of the caveson noseband. Apart from the discomfort this causes the horse, it can also numb the nose and lips and is often the reason horses rub their heads on a foreleg after work. Continual pressure in this area can cause damage. This is why the positioning and fitting of the Micklem bridle completely avoids the exit point of the facial nerves and any inward pressure in this area.

  • When looking at the skull it is easy to see how delicate and fragile the bones are at the end of the nose. The front noseband of the Micklem sits higher than a normal drop noseband.

  • When looking where the tongue and bit have to fit, at the narrow lower jaw, and the bars of the mouth which are shaped like a knife, so many horses understandably object to strong pressure on the ton

  • gue and bars. The Micklem bridle has a tongue protection system that takes any pressure on the nose and bitless bridle options that are very effetcive and wonderfully comfortable.

William Micklem is an international coach, best selling author and renowned speaker based in Ireland. He is a regular presenter at international equestrian conferences, as well as breeding horses including Zara Phillips' High Kingdom and many others too. He is also a fellow of the British Horse Society.



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Our Services

Joya international is a professional equestrian factory specializing in producing horse rugs, horse boots, saddle pads, calf coats, reflective goods, head collar, fly mask, lead rope, horse bandages and other horse products of 05 years.
Our horsewear uses various fabrics including function fabric, like waterproof, Far-infrared, ripstop, and anti-pilling fabrics.

Our factory features :

  1. We choose the strongest Yarn to ensure the excellent quality of our horse rugs and saddlepad.

  2. We use the best coating to ensure best function of waterproof and windproof and breathable for your horse rugs.

  3. Each season, our Horse Wear factory developed at least 30 kinds of new design and new colors. Our customers can use these new color and new fabric to develop the most fashionable styles.

  4. We can also cooperate with customers to produce fly masks, head collars, horse bandages, lead ropes, dog rug, tail wrap, float cover, etc. All these products are popular in Australia, Europe, USA, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, etc.

Our quality control System Company

  1. Horse rug workshop has about 120 workers, and all these workers are skilled, and most of these workers have worked in our factory 4-5 years. They know about Horse Rug & Horse Wear every part very well.

  2. Our development department has 12 engineers, and they devote for quality, fashionable design. Quality control department stand to check quality.

  3. We use high quality weaven equipment and best quality fabric.

  4. We check each batch fabric color, weight and waterproof function before production.

  5. We check all parts of finished horse rug before packaging.


Company Information

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Packaging & Shipping




FAQ 1- What is shipping time?

Answer- We take minimum 3days to 30 days, it depends on order quantity.


FAQ 2- Can your products be customized or personalized?

Answer- Yes, we “Joya International ” provides customization in product labels, products design and artwork. 


FAQ 3- Can you Air Freight the Shipment?

Answer- Yes, We can do Air Freights.


FAQ 4- Can you provide Door to Door Service?

Answer - Yes, we can Send your shipment at your door Steps.


FAQ 5- What is the Warranty of the products?

Answer - Our all Products carry Replacement warranty. Customer should inform about the defected products within 1 week of delivery.


FAQ 6-What is your shipping terms ?

Answer- We can arrange shipment by sea or by air according to your requirement.We will help you to choose the best efficient shipping way according to your detailed requirements.


FAQ 7- Can you provide samples? is it Refundable

Answer-Yes, we can send samples by using Expedited UPS/FedEx/Aramex/DHL   services. Samples carry nominal charges that are refundable on order.

Note- Mould cost for new designs is not refundable.


FAQ 8- Can you make our design?

Answer-Yes, we can produce your custom design. Just show us your drawings/Ideas/pictures.


FAQ 9- Do you accept PayPal payments?

Answer- Yes, we accept PayPal Payments.


FAQ 10- What is the normal lead time ?

Answer- After received payment ship your door 5 to 30 days.


FAQ11- How do you control the quality ?

Answer- We do quality testing before starting the bulk production. Also, there is stricy quality control system in place to ensure good quality to the client. Also, we always request our customers to inspect the goods before shipping.


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