Germany QNIX 4200 Coating Thickness Tester

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Product Overview


Germany QNIX 4200 Coating Thickness Tester(Menu is Chinese Language)


Product Description


     The QuaNix 4200 dry film thickness gauge measures all non-magnetic coatings such as lacquer,chromium,copper,zinc etc.on steel or iron.

      The QuaNix 4500 dry film thickness gauge additionally measures all insulating coatings such as lacquer,plastic,enamel,etc.on non-magnetic,metallic substrates,e.g on aluminium,copper or brass.

Both gauges conform to national(DIN) and international(ISO,BS,ASTM)standards:

DIN 50981,50984           BS 5411(3,11),3900(C,5)

ISO 2178,2360,2808         ASTM B 499,D1400



Main Technical Parameters

Substrate Iron or Steel Fe-probe

QuaNix 4500 includes: Non-magnetic metals,e.g.aluminum,zinc,copper,brass Nfe-probe

Measuring range   Fe    0-3000μm        NFe    0-2000μm

Resolution : Range 0-99.9μm:0.1μm;     
                     Range 0-999μm: 1μm


Accuracy:           ±(2μm +3%)of reading

Minimum object size:    Fe   10×10mm2;   NFe   6×10mm2

Minimum curvature:  Convex  5mm;  Concave  25mm

Minimum substrate thickness:   Fe  0.20mm; NFe  0.05mm

Temperature range:  Storage    -10°C to  60°C; Operation    0°C to  60°C

Probe :                  One-Point

Power supply :        2 batteries AA alkaline

Dimensions:            ca.100×62×27mm

Weight:                  ca.100g incl.batteries




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