Diamond hard facing API 6 1/2" 5 blades steel body non core PDC drill rock bit

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Matrix Body and steel body PDC bit advantage
1.Optimized short parabolic profile,suitable for drilling soft to medium soft homogeneous formations.
2.Asymmetrical evolute spiral blade cutter placement makes the bit more stable during drilling.
3.Prlmary and secondary cutting structure extends bit life.
4.CFD hydraulic blance design results in nbetter bit cleanding1 and cutting removal.
5.Combined utilization of high performance PDC compacts significantly prolongs bit life.
1 bit selection
1. Please reading lithology description and bit records of adjacent wells carefully,and analyzing formation characteristics.
2. Selecting appropriate type in accordance with lithology.
2 Preparation before drilling
1.Inspect previous bit for body damage, lost cutters or inserts etc. Make sure there are no any junk on bottom hole, and clean the
bottom hole if necessary.
2.Bit must be handled with care in order not no damage cutters and hard substances.
3.Check if there is any damage on bit cutters and if there any foreign matter inside the bit.
4.Check if installing nozzle is meet requirements, and replace nozzles if necessary.

Marking up the bit
1.Clean bit threads and apply grease on threads.
2.Fit the breaker to the bit, lower the drill string onto the pin and engage the threads.
3.Locate the bit and breaker in the rotary bushing, and make-up the bit to be recommended torque.
4 Tripping in
1.Remove the breaker and carefully lower the bit through the wellhead device in order not to damage it.
2.Shrinkage,shoulder,dogleg and key seat of borehole should be cautious when bit through blank hole.
3.Start pump and cycle drilling fluid to wash bottom hole when drill to a point about 30 meters to bottom of the hole, and rotate drill string at the low speed not more than 60 rpm.
4.Approach the bottom approximately half meter. Circulate for 5 to 10 minutes with full flow.
Company Profile
Hejian Deris Petroleum drilling equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2000, located in Hejian City Junziguan Industrial Park, close to Tianjin Port, Beijing Airport, convenient transportation and superior location.

Specializing in the production and sales of drilling tools such as Tricone bit, PDC drill bits, Hole opener, roller cone drills,
hammer and hammer bit, drill pipes, drill collars, etc. A professional design, production, inspection and foreign trade sales team has been established.
Each product is manufactured and inspected in strict accordance with the industry's highest technical quality standards and API specifications. The quality assurance system established in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 ensures the best quality of the products and the effective operation of the company.

Products are sold to the United States, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Colombia and other more than 30 countries.
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