Krohne OPTIFLUX 2300 Electromagnetic flow meter

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Product Overview


  Krohne OPTIFLUX 2100 Electromagnetic flow meter

Product Description

 Krohne OPTIFLUX2000 OPTIFLUX2100 OPTIFLUX2050 OPTIFLUX2300 Electromagnetic flow meter


1.Reliable solution for the water and wastewater industry

The OPTIFLUX2000 (OPTIFLUX2100 OPTIFLUX2050 OPTIFLUX2300)is designed to meet the demands for all water and waste water applications including groundwater, potable water, waste water, sludge and sewage, industry water and salt water.

The OPTIFLUX2000 OPTIFLUX2100 OPTIFLUX2050 OPTIFLUX2300 has a field proven and unsurpassed lifetime. This is assured by the fully welded construction, full bore pipe, absence of moving parts and wear resistant liner materials.

The sensor has the widest diameter range available in the market: from DN25 up to DN3000.









1 Robust fully welded construction
2 Diameter range: DN25...DN3000
3 PP, PO and hard rubber liners










2.Highlights  Krohne OPTIFLUX2300 Electromagnetic flow meter

• Rugged liners suitable for any water and wastewater application

• Proven and unsurpassed lifetime, huge installed base

• Tamper proof, all welded construction, also available in customer specific constructions

Drinking water approvals including KTW, KIWA, ACS, DVGW, NSF

• Suitable for subsoil installation and constant flooding (IP68)

• Bi-directional flow metering

• Compliant with requirements for custody transfer

(MID MI-001, OIML R49, ISO 4064, EN 14154)

• Standard in house wet calibration of sensors up to diameter DN3000

• Easy installation and commissioning

• No grounding rings with virtual reference option on IFC 300

• In-situ verification with MagCheck

• Extensive diagnostic capabilities

• Maintenance-free

3.Industries   Krohne OPTIFLUX2300 Electromagnetic flow meter

• Water

• Wastewater

• Pulp & Paper

• Minerals & Mining

• Iron, Steel & Metals

• Power

4.Applications for   Krohne OPTIFLUX2300 Electromagnetic flow meter

• Water abstraction

• Water purification and desalination

• Drinking water distribution networks

• Revenue metering or billing

• Leakage detection

• Irrigation

• Industry water

• Cooling water

• Wastewater

• Sewage and sludge

• Sea water

5. The reliable solution for the water and wastewater industry


From standard to customized

For easy ordering the standard range of the

OPTIFLUX2000F covers all popular sizes, flange

materials and connections (ASME, EN, JIS, AWWA).

But KROHNE does not stop here. Our extensive

engineering department isdedicated to provide

solutions for all specifications not covered by our

standard range. Requests for special sizes, flange

connections, pressure ratings, building lengths, and materials, will alwaysget a serious review.

Whenever possible we will engineer a flow meter

that fits your application.




Easy installation QQ20140814212435.jpg

 Fitting the OPTIFLUX2000 iseasy with the flanged design and standard ISO insertion lengths. To further ease the operation, the OPTIFLUX2000 can be installed without filters and straighteners. Even grounding rings are not required with the patented"VirtualReference"option on the IFC 300converter.

 Installation in measurement chambers subject to (constant) flooding is possible with the IP68 rated version. The chambers can even be completely surpassed if the IP68 version is combined with our special subsoil coating, allowing the OPTIFLUX 2000 to be installed directly in the ground.




QQ20140814213011.jpgCustody transfer

In combination with the IFC300 converter the

OPTIFLUX2000 is suitablefor custody transfer

applications. It meets the requirements of OIML R49

and can be verified according to Annex MI-001 of the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). All water meters for legal metrology purposes in Europe require certification under the MID. The EC type examination certificate for the OPTIFLUX 2300 is valid for the compact and the remote version and applies for forward and reverse flow.








6. Technical data for Krohne OPTIFLUX2300 Electromagnetic flow meter

Measuring system


Measuring principle Faraday's law of induction
Application range Electrically conductive fluids
Measured value
Primary measured value Flow velocity

Secondary measured value

Volume flow
Features Fully welded maintenance-free senso
Large diameter range DN25...3000
Rugged liners approvedfor drinking water.

Large standard range but also available in customer specific diameter,
length and pressure rating.

Modular construction

The measurement system consists of a flow sensor and a signal converter. It
is available as compact and as separate version. Additional information can
be found in the documentation of the signal converter

Compact versionWith IFC050 converter: OPTIFLUX2050 C
With IFC100 converter: OPTIFLUX2100 C
With IFC300 converter: OPTIFLUX2300 C
Remote versionIn wall (W) mount version with IFC050 converter: OPTIFLUX2050 W
In wall (W) mount version with IFC100 converter: OPTIFLUX2100 W

In field (F), wall (W) or rack (R) mount version with IFC 300 converter:
OPTIFLUX 2300 F, W or R

Measuring accuracy
Reference conditionsMedium: water
Temperature: +10...+30°C / +50...+86°

Operating pressure: 1 bar / 14.5 psi

Inlet section ≥5 DN
Electrical conductivity: ≥300 μS/cm

Maximum measuring error

IFC 050: 0.5% of the measured value above 0.5 m/s; below 0.5 m/s, deviation
±2.5 mm/s

IFC 100: down to 0.3% of the measured value ±1 mm/s
IFC 300: down to 0.2% of the measured value ±1 mm/s
The maximum measuring error depends on the installation conditions
Repeatability±0.1% of the measured value, minimum 1 mm/s




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