PP PE LDPE HDPE (film or bottles) plastic recycling machine

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Product Overview


Included Machines in this PP PE plastic recycling line
1. This PP PE plastic recycling line is planned to crush and wash and dry the PP PE (LDPE / HDPE) film\bottle\bucket.This recycling line consists of crusher, floating rinsing tank, cold & hot washer, friction cleaning equipment, dryer machine, storage silo.

2. This plastic recycling line can be designed in view of how dirty the processed plastic material is and accordingly ensure our clients could get dry and clean PP PE plastic flakes. 

3. This recycling line could comply with that next granulator machine to get plastic granules or plastic pellets to be sold at a higher price. 
As below is the machines flowchart of PP PE recycling line
As below is each machine part in this recycling line
This bale opener is used to open the original plastic bale
As above is the sample of plastic bale
Conveyor Belt
Convey the PP PE plastic materials to the crusher machine
This crusher machine is the main machine in this recycling line to cut waste PP PE plastic materials into 1-15mm flakes.
crushed PP PE plastic flakes
Floating Rinsing Tank
This floating rinsing tank will separate the plastic flakes with the impurities / debris/ sand/ dirt, etc. through their different water buoyancy. And the water will also flush them and clean the flakes. 

This is the first step cleaning in this recycling line. 
Hot / Cold washer
This hot washer could remove the oil / greasy substances / adhesive substances onto the surface of the plastic flakes through heating them. 

This is the second step cleaning in this recycling line. 
High-speed friction cleaning machine
This friction cleaning machine will largely put off those dirty impurities on the plastic flakes through the friction force out of the worm shaft leaves rotation

This is the third step cleaning in this recyclign line.. 
Drying Machine
This drying machine will complete the dewatering work of the water washed plastic flakes and the final outletted plastic flakes moisture is under 2%-3%. 

This dewatering work is finished through centrifugal force of the spindle. 

Meantime, this dewatering process will also serve the fourth cleaning in this recycling line by centrifugal force of the spinning spindle. 
Storage silo
This storage silo will receive the dry and clean plastic flakes from the screw loader, and then workers could discharge the storage silo and gather requried flakes. 

This recycling line is suitable for crushing and washing PP PE plastic and get dry & clean plastic flakes. 
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Clients Come Visit Our Factory and Cooperate Orders
In order to we could quote you more exactly and could offer you a better design of machines. Kindly please describe these two questions as detailed as possible:

1. What plastic materials do you want to process with our recycling line, please?


2. What capacity do you need, please? 

Generally speaking, we offer 300kg - 6000kg hourly ouput. 

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