Trimble R5 GNSS GPS RTK ROVER trimble r8 gps

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Trimble R5 GNSS GPS RTK ROVER trimble r8 gps


Features for R5 gps rtk receiver: 

  1. Provides automatic steering for your vehicle gps rtk with one-inch repeatability
  2. Integrates directly into your vehicle's hydraulics for clear access to cab control
  3. Utilizes terrain compensation technology for high accuracy on difficult terrain use by gps rtk r5
  4. Ideal for the most demanding row crop farming applications
  5. Plugs in to many guidance-ready vehicles, minimizing the need for additional equipment
  6. Ideal for the most demanding row crop farming applications

Take the best of Trimble GNSS GPS RTK technology anywhere you want to go. Whether you require a reliable base, a rugged RTK rover or a precision receiver for specialized applications, the modular Trimble® R5 GPS Receiver gives you the flexibility to do it all.

R5 04 600X600.jpg

R5 600X600.jpg 

Flexible Configurations

  • Fix it to a tripod, secure it to a rover pole or stow it in a backpack
  • Can be connected to an external antenna inside of your car
  • Multi-channel and multi-frequency receiver
  • Capable of storing thousands of hours of continuous L1/L2 data
  • Optional built in UHF radio can receive RTK communications
  • Choose from 3 different controllers: TSC2, TSC3 or Trimble CU

 Industry Leading Performance

  • Features advanced Trimble GNSS technology
  • High performance RTK engine that delivers precision and accuracy
  • GPS L2C is included with optional GLONASS
Trimble R5 GNSS receiver compatible products; 


Trimble TSC3 Controller
Trimble CU Controller

Trimble Access Field Software
Trimble Business Center Office Software



Whether you require a reliable base, a rugged RTK rover or a precision receiver for specialized applications, the modular Trimble® R5 GNSS Receiver gives you the flexibility to do it all. The Trimble R5 is as versatile as it is rugged and precise–
ideal for control, measurement, design, stakeout, or as-built work. 


One receiver, many configurations 


Fixed to a tripod, secured on a rover pole, or stowed in a comfortable backpack, the Trimble R5 is light enough and tough enough for the most demanding applications. If security is a concern, the modular GNSS receiver can even be locked inside your vehicle connected to an external antenna. This multi-channel, multi-frequency receiver lets you assemble the optimal
solution with the antenna and data link that best fits your needs for the job at hand.


For long-term campaign installations, the Trimble R5 is capable of storing thousands of hours of continuous L1/L2 data on convenient removable media. With the option of a built-in UHF radio modem, the Trimble R5 can receive RTK communications without the need for an external radio.

The flexibility of the Trimble R5 extends beyond the receiver itself – choose from either the TSC3 controller with full keyboard and expansion capabilities or the detachable Trimble CU controller. Couple your controller with Trimble Access™ field software to best meet the needs of your field crews.

Easily transfer your GNSS field data into the office for data processing and analysis using Trimble Business Center Office Software. Trimble field and office software puts the power to manage seamless data flow, field and office efficiency, and a true Integrated Surveying™ solution in your hands.


The Trimble R5 is a powerful receiver, featuring advanced Trimble GNSS technology and a high performance RTK engine that delivers the precision and accuracy surveyors demand. With GPS L2C included and the GLONASS option, you can track more
satellites and measure more successfully in challenging environments. Reduce downtime caused by loss of lock and the time it takes to re-initialize with advanced technology from Trimble. 

With Trimble, you can count on superior tracking of satellites, increased measuring speed, longer battery life and optimal precision in tough GNSS environments. 

R5 TSC3 04.jpgR5 03.jpgR5 02.jpgR5 03 600.jpgR5 01 600.jpg



Bring the power of both GNSS and optical technologies to every job site. With Trimble Integrated Surveying, your Trimble Controller acts as a common point of integration so all data is collected on a single job file. When field work is complete, simply transfer the integrated data to your office software using the communication option that best suits your needs.


No additional conversions necessary. 

The Trimble R5 can also be used as part of a Trimble I.S. Rover solution. Simply add a prism to the rover pole and connect with a robotic optical system such as the Trimble S6 or S8 Total Station. This integrated solution maximizes the best of both  Surveying techniques for even greater field efficiency.


trimble r5 gnss gps rtk receiver specification

r5 spec 05.jpgr5 spec 04.jpgr5 spec 03.jpgr5 spec 02.jpgr5 spec 01.jpg



Delivery time: 1-3 weeks

Made in USA , 100% original from Trimble 

Payment Terms; T.T in advance,  Or 60% deposit, and 40% before collect goods in our warehouse, 

Warranty: one year,



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