Hot Sale Portable For Skin Tightening Fractional Rf Thermage Machine (60063578259)

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Hot Sale Portable For Skin Tightening Fractional Rf Thermage Machine


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Product Description

Thermage working theory:


Permeated by RF, the subcutaneous tissue will be heated up by its natural resistance movement and then collagen become contracted  immediately and the dermis are stimulated to generate more new collagen for replacement. The continuous new collagen will make the dermis thicker and denser so as to remove wrinkle, lessen scars, whiten and tighten skin, and restore skin elasticity. 

High quality fractional RF thermage anti-aging beauty machine




1. Remove wrinkles and skin rejuvenation


Fractional RF address the regenerative capacity of the skin and enhance skin problems such as the tissue temperature rise through the direct effect, promote blood flow, enhance body defense mechanisms, promote blood circulation, increase metabolism to achieve function. The frequency of this principle to the security of the skin under the direction of the facial muscles massage will stimulate the dermis layer of collagen components it activated and soothing stiff facial muscles, promote blood circulation, enhance the skin to achieve results. And deep thermal cells of the RF, in the discharge process in the body heat, to use packs interval softening, massage cream will be found that surprisingly the process of being absorbed.


2. Remove freckles / whitening Management


 Hormone secretion normalization, provide oxygen to the waste discharged, achieve cell activity and inhibit the secretion of melanin, Decomposition of melanin.


3. Lessen acne/acne scars


The bio-heat rise will become the antibacterial effect,Sebaceous glands to normalize, regulate sebum production,To the skin to improve the regeneration function, cuticle sinceContingent loss, dilute the effectiveness of reach of smallpox in India.Bio-heat rise to the formation of the antibacterial effect, the sebaceous glands to normalize, regulate sebum secretion, improve the regeneration function to the skin, cuticle will naturally fall off, to dilute the effectiveness of smallpox in India.


4. Restore skin elasticity


Promote to the cells activated into the blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, giving the skin elasticity, using deep heat to relieve stiff muscles and break down fat excreted, and reach cell activity, giving the skin elasticity.


5.Improve skin texture


For the oily skin, large pores and the horny thick purify skin, remove excess thick, purify the pores, break down grease, smooth and tighten pores, make the skin to be bright and clean.


For the dull skin, fatigue, pallor, edema Oxygen skin, it can accelerate oxygen uptake, improve circulation and dull.


6. Eye problem solution


Eliminate eye dark circles, bags under the eyes, eye pattern and relieve edema.


7. Improve the body function


 Subside edema frivolous, improve vascular and lymphatic circulation.





1.Fractional RF treatment


Treatment range

whole body lipo, belly reduce weight after childbirth, tight after fat suction, arm tight, thigh tight and striae gravidarum remove.

Time for 1 treatment

28 days

Treatment frequency

Each 3~5 days for one treatment

Reply times for each treatment

5-8 times

treat time

20-30 minutes on body


2.Lattice RF treatment


treatment range

Pouch remove, fishtail lines remove, lower eyelid wrinkle remove, face wrinkle remove, skin tight, lift, Face lift, shrink pores, whitening and rejuvenation.

time for each treatment

35 days

treatment frequency

each 3~5 days for each treatment

reply times for each treatment

7-10 times

time for each treatment

15~25 minutes for face


 High quality fractional RF thermage anti-aging beauty machine


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