Reusable color indicating Silica Gel Desiccant Beads Tin Box (60069674326)

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Product Overview


Reusable Small Silica Gel Desiccant Beads Tin Box


The Color Change Silica Gel Canister Can Helps You:

1. Helps to keep moisture away from your valuables.

2. Can adsorb 15 percent of its weight in water vapor in 2 hours.

3. Reduces condensation and remains dry even during humid, damp conditions.

4. Prevents rust, mildew, corrosion and spoilage before they begin.


Products Characters:

Portable and durable tin canister: indicating silica gel dehumidifiers are tightly encased in a compact tin canister, which is equipped with vents and a hole for easy inspection; The tin canister is made of aluminum, which will be sturdy and can serve you for a long time; Place the tin canister with items that need to dry and it will work within 30 cu ft of any enclosed space.

Nice performance: the gel canister can work well in small storage areas, such as boxes, shoe boxes, laptops and computer bags, closets, storage boxes, etc.; The beads can be reactivated and long lasting.


Regeneration of indicating Silica Gel

Bulk silica gel can be easily regenerated (dried) by driving off the adsorbed water. This can be done in two ways:

1. Heat the silica gel in an oven at 130-145°C for 2-3 hours

2. Microwave at maximum 900 watt with intervals of three minutes until the colour indicates dry.

Spread the silica gel in a microwave safe and oven compatible shallow tray to speed up the drying process.
Caution: do not use temperatures above 150°C and do not use a microwave oven power over 900 watts.

If the Silica Gel is packed in containers, extra care is needed:

· when packed in boxes; remove from plastic box and regenerate

· when packed in Tyvek envelopes; maximum drying temperature is 120°C

· when packed in cans of capsules follow instructions from the manufacturer


Item no.: 


Desiccant Material: 

Indicating silica gel


40gram per tin box



Packaging  material: 

tin box with holes on surface



Function  Time:

last for about 3-6months (depend on the using environment);


place in dry, normal condition, keep sealed for 3 years;

Loading  Qty:

20’ft: 1,000cartons, total 72,000pcs


40’ft: 2,000cartons, total 144,000pcs;


40’HQ: 2,427cartons, total 174,744pcs;


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