Casnen LW26-20 1-0-2 3P electric Changeover Switches with centre OFF 60 degree 3 pole Four hole mounting switch 36x36mm

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Specification LW26-20
Rated insulation voltage 660/690
Rated thermal current 20
Rated working voltage 24 110 240 440
Rated working current        
AC-21A   /  / 20 20
AC-23A  /  / 15 15
AC-2  /  / 15 15
AC-3  /  / 11 11
AC-4  /  / 3.5 3.5
AC-15  /  / 5 4
DC-13 12 0.4 0.4  /
AC-23A  /  / 3.7/2.5 7.5/3.7
AC-2  /  / 4 7.5
AC-3  /  / 3/2.2 5.5/3
AC-4  /  / 0.55/0.75 1.5/1.5





1.Products Introduction

      The LW26 sereies rotary switch mainly applies to 440V and below,AC 50Hz or 240V and below DC circuits.

For breaking and closing,change-over of circuits under unfrequenly manual operation.

And the typical application are:control switch of 3 phase motors,control switch gear,

control switch of instruments,and change-over switch of machinery and welding machine.
      The series comply with the GB 14048.3,GB 14048.5 and IEC 60947-3,IEC 60947-5-1.
      The LW26 series have 10 current ratings:10A,20A,25A,32A,40A,63A,125A,160A,250A and 315A.

They were designed for multiple functions,wide variety of applications.
      The LW26-10,LW26-20,LW26-25,LW26-32F,LW26-40F and LW-60F have finger protection terminals.
      LW26 series rotary switch are an excellent substitute for LW2,LW5,LW6,LW8,LW12,LW15,HZ5, HZ10,and HZ12.
      The LW26 series rotary switch has two derivatives,LW26GS Pad-lock type and LW26S Key-lock type.
Both of them are applicable in circuits when an physical control is required.
      We can equip protective box(IP65) for 20A to 250A.

2.Working Conditions

    a.Ambient temperature DO NOT exceed 40℃, and the average temperature,measured over a period of 24 hours,

       DO NOT exceed 35℃.

    b.Ambient temperature should not be below -25℃.

    c.Should not be isstalled above 2000m above sea level.

    d.The humidity should not exceed 50% when the ambient temperature is 40℃ and higher humidity is allowed for lower temperature.

3.Installation Conditions

   a.A clean environment is required

    b.Please follow our manual

4.Order Procedure

     When placing an order please specify the contact diagram of the product you require.The LW26 series rotary switch have the similar contact diagram as the other rotary switches like LW2D,LW5D,LW6D,LW8D,LW12,LW15,HZ5D and HZ25D.Our factory have published<The General Contact Diagram for Cansen Rotary Switches >Which will help you to specify the contact diagram.

     In addition,please specify the current rating, mounting plate,handle type,color and quantityas well.

For instance:

     When ordering 20A,rotary angle 60°, character code C,contact diagram code 5391, M1 plate, black R handle 20 unites. The order can be: LW26-20.6C5391/2A11R(M1R)20units.

     Due to the update of the technologies, we reserve the righting of updating the catalogue without further notices.



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Company Information







1. What kind of certificate do you have?

    For company: ISO9001:2000, CCC, TUV

    LW26 series: TUV, CE, UL, RoHS, CCC

    LW30 series: CE, CB, RoHS, CCC

    LW31 series: CE, RoHS, CCC

    LW40 series: CCC

    KDHc series: CCC

2. Where do you sell the goods to?
    Germany, USA, UK, Korea, Australia, all major european and american countries.

3. What's the annual production?

    5,000,000 pcs of switches in one year, is the biggest manufacturer and seller in China.

4. How is the factory?

    Cansen Factory have more than 30 years manufacture expreience, and is more than 20,000 square meter
with 300 workers.

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