6KW 8 bar no boiler mobile car wash machine vaccum steam cleaner

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Price:RUB 79,810.03 - RUB 146,589.84
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Product Overview


6KW 8 bar no boiler mobile car wash machine vaccum steam cleaner 




Feature:car steam cleaner

1) Quitck startOnly 60s for cold start,quick start at standby state.
2) Separation of water and electrictity
3) Adjustable wetness/dryness
4) Over-voltage protection
5) Higher operating pressure.
6) Anti-freezing
7) Energy& water-saving
8) Non-boiler for safe use.Our machine is without biiler,free from explosion.


Technical parameters:car steam cleaner

Model VTD4A-V
Steam Pressure 6bar
Steam Temperature 200~230℃
Preheating time 1 Minute / 60 Seconds
Power 4KW
Woltage 220V  50/60Hz
Weight 25 Kg
Dimension 400*500*400MM
Feature 2 gun, without boiler
Water consumption 16 L/H (0.3 L/Min)
Water tank 16L
Standard Accessories  1*10m steam hose, 1 long nozzle, 1 big towel, 1 small towel, 1 air break switch

220v 6k.jpg2014 new mobile steam car washer with vacuum Cleaner steam washer machine




Application:washer machine
Car wash shop, underground car wash business, parking lot (in supermarket, living department, industry zoom, park, etc.)




Advantage:washer machine
(1)Non boiler technology is safer with no explosions, cracks or leaks from a boiler steamer.
(2)Almost instant steam, 1-2 minute heating time. While boiler steamer need about 7 minutes.
(3)Energy savings. More steam per watt is produced than in a boiler steamer and no wasted energy heating water and steam that may not be used.
(4)Stronger, steadier steam pressure than a boiler steamer. The boiler steamer are likely to explode if increase the steam pressure.
(5)Totally adjustable steam from very wet to very dry for all types of cleaning
(6)Lighter in weight than a boiler steamer.Less electrical components, meaning there is far less to break inside  
(7)Always "continuous" fill water. This is not an expensive "option" as in most boiler steamers, which also would mean more parts and more breakage.With our steamers you add water when you want and steam is made almost immediately
(8)As known to all, this kind of machines save a great amount of water as only 4 litres of water / 15 minutes can completely wash a car!
(9)A good way to wash car in cold winter when all the water freezes.







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