HS-VT chain hoist capacity 3t concrete indoor lifting equipment

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Hot sales Capacity 10t hand weight lifting equipment

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A chain hoist is a piece of equipment used to lift heavy items. The typical chain hoist, also known as chain falls, consists of two grooved wheels with a chain wound around them in the same fashion as a block and tackle. As the chain is pulled in a certain direction, it winds onto the wheels and the end of the chain that has a hook attached to it begins to rise and easily lifts an object.The chain wound around the two wheels creates a simple machine that uses the leverage and the increased lifting ability created by the two wheels to lift heavy weights. Commonly found in auto repair garages, a chain hoist is often used to remove automobile engines from the chassis when repairs or replacement become necessary. The chain hoist allows a single person to raise an entire engine up and away from the automobile chassis. Conversely, the chain hoist also allows a single worker to install an entire automobile engine without assistance.

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ModelHS-VT1/2HS-VT 1HS-VT 1 1/2HS-VT 2HS-VT 3HS-VT 5HS-VT 10
Standard lifting height m2.52.52.52353.5
Test load t0.751.52.2534.57.515
Min distance (hook to hook) mm28531534034380475600700
Chain pull t lift full load N25333434353941
No. of load chain fall lines1111224
Diameter of load chain mm1.
Net weight Kg8.41113.521224077
Cross weight Kg9.41214.5222341.585
Packing measurement (L*W*H) cm30*17*3230*17*3230*17*32 28*19*2330*17*32 40*20*34 62*50*26


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