lab powder tumbling mixer (60144163219)

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Product Overview



Inclined Mixer description:


Inclined mixer with a 30 degree inclined mixing barrel is operated smoothly with no pollution, PU or PTFE media balls can be applied to mix different powder material uniformly and rapidly. When mixing, we can add balls to grind with an impressive effect. This machine is suitable for various material mixing, which is widely applied in electron industry, ceramic industry, chemical industry, medicine, daily use chemical, organics, inorganic matterand other two more products’ mixing. On the basis of customer requirements, mixing barrel can employ inside and outside polished stainless steel jar, or lined with corundum, pu and so on.


Working Principle of inclined mixer:


There is a included angle between simplified center and horizontal plane, so the material will act at random to mix with no dead angle  


 IMG_9948.JPGclinder mixer .jpg



Model:   XMX-(5-300)
Volume:  5-300(L)
Powder:  0.25-3kw
Outer Size: 2100*800*1500(150L) mm



1. Simple structure, easy operation.
2. Uniform mixing with no dead angle.
3. Various material or lining can be chose for mixing barrel.
4. Both frequency control and CRPM are available.
5. Grinding ball can be added when mixing to reach better result.



1. Factor price with best qualiy.

2.Accept custom order, avialiable in size and package

3.Fast service and on tim delivery

4.Sample quanlity avialabe at any time

5.Each machine make tested run before shipment.

6.Arrange processing according to your samples or drawings.


Choosing Assistance:

1. Model instruction: XMX-(Barrel Volume), such as XMX-5, means the 5L inclined mixer.
2. Choose barrel material or lining according to raw material.
3. Choose barrel volume according to the material quantity of each time.
4. Turn off immediately when fault appears, hold on only when faults are eliminated.


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Warranty and service promise of lab stir mill :


One-year warranty period shall be provided to any client who buys our products and related accessories. The following promises are valid within the warranty period which is calculated from time or date when the client or consumer takes delivery of machine, opens case, inspects machine and receives with signature. We promise to guarantee free replacement within one month, and guarantee free repair within one year. 
Client may enjoy free replacement within one month if any of following occurs:
1) The machine is broken in course of transportation;
2) Motor and frequency converter are burnt out;
3) The key part or main disk of the machine is seriously in failure.


Table of Quality Warranty Period for Different Parts of Machine:




We shall promise to provide most favorable policy and best services after expiration of quality warranty period.


After-sale Services Promises:
1) We shall make prompt response to any problem about the machine within 24 hours if you have.
2) We shall provide 6-day 8-hour services for all our clients and subscribers, and shall provide trouble-shooting solutions until the fault is completely eliminated.
3) If the machine is found any fault or problem, please do not hesitate to notify us the details about faults, caused reasons and status. We shall do our great efforts to solve according to following terms:
a. Common faults: 
  Common faults refer to failure of non critical parts or improper configuration that effects partial operation or leads to Inconvenience of machine operation. We shall solve such problems by email or posting parts by courier.
b. Serious faults:
  Serious faults refer to failure of key parts or improper configuration that influence running or operating of machine widely. We shall firstly diagnose reasons of faults by email or phone, then, shall send replacement of parts by courier, until solve the problems. Courier freight shall be for our account within quality warranty period.
Exception Clauses
Quality warranty service shall be exception and shall not be enjoyed if any of following occurs:
1) Faults and damages of machine which are caused by human factors or working under abnormal working environment.
2) Clients take liberty to disassembly, or repair, or refit the machine without factory’s agreement. 
3) Damages of machine caused by bad transportation.
4) Damages caused by other force majeure factors such as fire, thunder strike, earthquake, abnormal voltage.
5) Normal old use, normal abrasion, break and infection.


Service Hotline:  86 13357214760



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