Slide rail guided flexible extraction arm/car exhaust fume suction arm

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Product Overview



Slide rail mounted flexible suction arm


This system adopts aluminum alloy guide rails, which is equipped with a set of pulleys per regular distance, and each pulley is equipped with an import suction hose. It use round or flat rubber suction mouth.


Different forms of aluminum alloy suction slide guide rail can meet the needs of large volume exhaust.  Suction hose can be configured different diameters and lengths according to the corresponding field status. Inspiratory pulley can automatically run, rise,  decouple. 


LB-DR guide mobile flexible suction arm is applicable to expel the waste of welding fume, exhaust, dust, oil mist,and so on, which is produced by machinery, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, and auto industries. We can prepare different suction covers according to the needs of field status in order to meet customers’requiements, for example, large, circle, equipppes with work light,and square mouth and so on.
The other extraction arms for various fume and dust in such as the welding workshop, metal fabrication, machinery, feather and textile treatment field, etc.

Flexible with Length: 2-5m. and Diameter:150mm-300mm.or custom made size


Skeleton material: the spring steel is galvanized, and other metal components and fasteners are all stainless steel.
Suction cover: stainless steel, 360 degree arbitrary hover with wind control valve for suction mouth
Light weight,high strength,with power device,easy to operate,hover freely.
It can be adjusted in any direction,and its capture effect is good.
Suction arm is widely used in metal processing,welding fume,workpiece polishing,thermal processing of oil mist treatment, peculiar smell removing, dust removing and other industries.
Compared with the fixed pipeline system, flexible suction arm has unparalleled performance superiority. It can adapt to all kinds of complex conditions where can not be installed with suction pipeline,and can be placed any best capture location. Thus, it can capture welding fumes effectively. Besides, its connected joints and rotary connected base fixed the suction cover in order that the dust, fume are expeled away from the worker's breathing zone.


In fact, all directions, dia and lengths according to customer's requests.


Central fume extraction projects:



General main tpical arms:


1.JYB Model, Bult-in structure support: Dia-150mm


2.JYC Model, External Support stucture: Dia-150mm/200mm 


3.LB-JC Model, Extension External support structure:


4.LB-QXB Model, Joint Arm: Dia-75mm , length-1.0-1.5m


5.LB-JYD Mini Model: 1.0m*50mm

6.LB-JYSB Model, For equipment, Flexible:


7.LB-JD Multi-joint arms:


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