New design electric smart toilet seat cover with one time use sanitary film for public restroom like hotel airport railway

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Product Overview


Product Description

toilet seat



New design intelligent sanitary toilet seat with sanitary film


- Operation Theory:

  • NAVISANI electric smart public toilet seat cover is automatically controlled by a build-in microcomputer inside, the sanitary wrap will stop after turning exactly one round. The used film roll is destroyed by a cutter to ensure one time use.
  • Just by pressing the stainless steel button or putting your hand before sensor device before your usage, the roller will activate automatically to replace the used seat film with fresh one to ensure a new toilet seat for your every usage, which is much easy & convenient.

- Material:

  • Toilet Seat - ABS(Plastic)
  • Film Covering - HDPE(Plastic, food grade)

- Operating Mode:

  • Activated by Stainless Steel Button, stand destroying, exceed 200,000 use times;
  • Activated by Infrared Sensor (Touch Free, 6-12cm)

- Microcomputer & Indication Light (Red):

  • Overload warning signal: LED light will stay on for 2 seconds;
  • If no loading / counter wheel fault / the film roller is not installed in place signal: LED light is on all the time;
  • The LED will flash when battery is in low voltage;
  • Restarting interval (6 seconds) to avoid waste

- Power Supply:


Power Supply Mde for NS100


- Charging Ways:


Charging Mode for NS100


- Soft Closing Cover:

  • NAVISANI electric smart toilet seat cover have a damper, which can make it close softly, exceed 50,000 use times.

- Replacement Warning:

  • A red line will appear when the seat film remains 1-2m, it reminds you to replace the film roll .

- Application Scope:


NS100 Hygienic Toilet Seat


- Other Functions and Protective System:

  • Anti Flaming
  • LED Light Warning
  • Overload Protection
  • Counter Fault Warning
  • Auto Replacement of Film Rolls
  • Restarting Interval (6 seconds)
  • Low Battery Power Voltage Warning
  • All Metal Components are Anti-corrosion

Certificate & Test Reports for both Seat & Film !


hygienic toilet seat


one time use cover


disposable toilet seat cover

Company Profile

toilet cover

Application Places

The electric smart public toilet seat cover is ideal for any shared public or commercial toilet facilities: Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment & Recreation, Beauty Salon, Clubhouse, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Doctor's Offices, Schools, Casinos, Factories, Government Facilities and all other commercially shared toilets.


automatic toilet seat


Q:1.Why do I need your toilet seat ?


A: Imagine the situation, you're using an ordinary toilet bowl and you find that there are a lotof sanitary problems, such as piss, scurfs and other contaminants. In order to protect yourself, you would cover a paper on it or use water to clean it . Even so, it may not effectively work well and you may still be worried about the cross infection.

In fact, no matter how clean the toilet bowl looks like, people still dare not sit on it, for people don't know how many users sat on it before. If so, the toilet bowl loses its effect.


However, installation of NAVISANI Automatic public sensor heated hygienic seat cover will help you solve this problem. It is automatically controled by a microcomputer inside, the sanitary wrap will stop after turning one round. The used film roll is destroyed by a cutter to ensure one time use. Clean and Hygienic.


Q:2. Why do I choose your company?


A: Xiamen Wing Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that is focus on public sanitation product development, manufacturing and marketing. We specialize in this field for many years, with good quality, competitive price and comfortable service. We have our products shipped to more than 50 countries and service centers in more than 20 countries and areas We have business partners in most of Europe countries, US, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Southeast Asian countries. In China, we have distribution channels and agencies in most cities.

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