Newly hot sale and reliable TLT235SCA automotive car hydraulic ramps lift for sale

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Product Overview


 Newly hot sale and reliable  TLT235SCA automotive car hydraulic ramps lift for sale


1. The cable and oil pipe are fully concealed, with decent
and elegant appearance.
2. Designed based on the international standard, meeting
the demand of the garage and workshop.
3.Top limit switch, effectively protecting the vehicle from

overhead collision.
4.Dual hydraulic cylinders drive, stab
5.Automatic full-scope safety lock, safe
6.Adopt two steel cables for equalizat
carriages to move synchronously, a
prevent the vehicle from tilting.
7.Lowest height of lifting pad is 110m
repairing low chassis or low profile car.



Rated load: 3500kg 
Lifting height: 1850mm
Initial height: 110mm  
Lifting time: less than or equal to 50s 
Lowering time: between 20s and 40s 
Passing width for symmetric installation:2424mm 
Overall width for symmetric installation: 3392mm 
Passing width for asymmetric installation:2378mm 
Overall width for asymmetric installation:3544mm 
Overall height: 3840mm 
Motor power : 2 .2kw 
Motor voltage: 3 phase/380v or Single phase/220V 
Working noise: less than or equal to 75dB(A)
Working oil pressure: 16M Pa


Function Improvement


ItemNotes on ImprovementUpdate Date
 Lock release plate assembly improvement on SB,SC seriesThe original lock release plate has the possibility of stucking in the column. The components dimension of the plate has been modified to avoid this problem. 2011-3-12
 Limit switch position adjustableThe limit switch installed inside of the column wall and activated by the carriage will be fixed on an adapter plate with oval hole to make its position adjustable.(Notes:The limit switch is not a standard part,optional per user's request) 2011-1-30
 Create a hole of 50 on both columnsIn order to meet the after-service peoples requirement,there are two 50 holes on columns for lock release device reparing and maintenance( one hole on each column) 2010-12-13
 The sheave seat of TLT235SB is changed from weld part to casting partFor decreasing the cost ,the sheave seat will be changed to casting part ,It will not effect the function of the machine. 2008-12-9
 Unite the holes on the two-post liftUnite the holes on the column to simplify the processing,It won,t effect the function of the machine. 2008-12-2
 Changes of round rubber pad hole positionAdd shims to the installation holes ,Bottom is flat ,add shims to 8 installation holes and flat washer 8 2008-6-27
 M36 hexagon thick nut of support seat changedAccord to the feedback,TLT235SB M36 hexagon thick nut of support seat change to the reguular chamfered edge style,the period of delivery is decreased. 2008-4-1
 Changes of steel cable for safety lock for series TLT two liftAccording to the customer requests ,we add some retaining rings on the rubber pad supporter in order to protect the cable of one side manual safety lock on AT not to slide off ,The carriage of flool-clear two-post lift can be installerd nore convenient 2007-11-26
 Increase the shims to the carriage for series two-post liftFor well-adjust,the list of carriage (except TLT245ST SK2030)adds:TLT235SB shims I for sliding block(galvanization) ,Q235-A,TLT235SB-20-12-A,code:201010987,number:1 2007-11-5
 Door rubber pad of 2-post lift have been changedDoor rubber pad reduce weight and add groove 2007-1-19
 Processing changes for partsChange being 1,Round plate adding welding outside zinc coating
2,Push rod adding welding outside prcessing
3,Screw adding outside processing
 Change of HP hoseThe length of HP hose is changed form 1440mm to 1240mm 2006-12-19





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